Monday, October 05, 2009

WOW! It's been a longgggg time since I have offered a freebie.I just got in the mood to share this if you would like to have this yourself.:) It is an 8"x8" since my paint program doesn't respond well with the larger sizes.Hope you like it and can use it.:) Click on the preview for a closer look.:)

It's raining again today.Everything is wet.We just had those floods last week and had to sweep two inches of water out of our garage.Whew! That was a job.:) My brother told me that we are suppose to get two to four inches more over the next couple of days. Can we say "Mold"? I saw some man at Walmart yesterday buying up ALL the product that they had of one brand to take care of moisture.He almost got down on his hands and knees to get to the back of the bottom shelf.Poor guy.:( It has hit a lot of people in our area. If we could share some of this rain for those unfortunate in California ...wouldn't that be great?:)
Well..I am off to get a few things done around the house..before Jim fires me.LOL

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