Monday, September 14, 2009

Even More Layouts!! :)

These top four BB pages are made using Kim B's (link in sidebar) Bday Peaches kit. So fun!! I did use her frame design and added a different paper from her kit to make a different frame for the third one down.

These bottom two are from another kit of Kim's called Happy Day.I love this one too and will most likely make a few more BB pages from it.This is as far as I have gotten so far....and prolly wouldn't have stopped if it wasn't sooo late last night and time to go to bed.LOL They look a lot better without the 'Sample"written across them..but these are NOT mine to offer as freebies.Just wanted you to see what can be done with a wonderful designer's work.:) Thank you sooo much Kim for making such fun kits for us to play with.!!! :)

If you haven't gone to see KimB..which is hard for me to believe...hehe..then please go to my sidebar and let the link transfer you all the way to South Africa and to her blog.:)