Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi all:)
I just wanted to pop in to let you know that we are doing fine.Jim and I went on a few days vacation to the Smoky Mountains this weekend.:) He gets a vacation after his store inventory.Twice a year.:)
Here are some pics I put together for an album. I wanted to use my pics as the background and add a couple to the page.This is how they turned out.:)

No one we know.:) The river was full of rafters etc.

This is only one of the tunnels we passed through during our trip through the Smoky's.Someone blew their horn every time and Jim finally had to do it on our way back home.LOL

This is Jim posing for a pic.I had to take it from the truck cause my back went out..again.LOL Some sweet woman asked if we would like her to take our pic... together. Jim told her that I couldn't get out of the she took it with me in the truck. Fortunately this was on our way back home. We cut our trip a day short so I could get back home and rest my back.:)
I asked Jim to pose for me with the Smoky's in the background and then I found a pic I had taken without him in it.I combined the two and added the sign that was in another pic.:) I like the way this one turned out too.:) We were able to go to Cherokee...Gatlinburg and Dollywood.If I get a chance I will post those too...but not today..hehe