Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Easter Pics

Here are the Easter baskets for our granddaughters.Don't you just love that monkey bunny in the center?LOL What will they think of next?:)

We had an Easter egg hunt in the livingroom cause the girls were being bothered by bees outside. All they had to do is see one.LOL This is Carrie and Lexi.

Jimmy (DS) got the girls some of the cutest furry chicks and when you set them in the palm of your hand..they actually chirp.Soo cute!! This is our youngest granddaughter,Destiny with Jim.(who has decided to grow his beard back) hehe Can you tell he really LOVES this shirt?? I think he is wearing it in all the pics I have of the holidays. Do you have a favorite clothing item you like to wear and it's almost worn out?

Here's our Easter dinner. Well..not all of it but this is a great start! I LOVE a good hamburger and there is nothing like a hot dog cooked on the grill.!!:) We had the whole immediate family plus Liz's sister and my Mom over for Easter dinner.Robby and his family brought side dishes..Mom brought dessert...a beautiful and yummy cream cake.mmm.:) We had potato salad..maccaroni salad..baked beans..and all the hamburger trimmings and relish for the hot dogs etc. and an array of chips.We started our morning with a bible study...to honor the Lord and the great gift he has given us.The true meaning of Easter.:)

This is Christy's(DD) cat Meowse.She is on my keyboard wondering what that chick is doing on her stomping grounds.LOL That's my keyboard in the dining room.I keep a towel over it to keep the grease from the kitchen off of it. Jim is trying to learn to play it.He wants to learn how to play it with the chords..like a regular piano.I use the easy play options and have a blast.LOL
I hope you all had a great Easter and I would love to hear/read what you did and how you were blessed.:)
Thanks for looking!