Friday, March 27, 2009

Garage Sale Junkie Layout :)

This is another cool freebie QP from
  • angelflightscraps
  • .I just had to use it to display the many treasures my MIL and I found while thrift storing,garage sales,and flea marketing this past January when Jim and I went to Fla. to see his folks. These treasures were collected in just two of the days we were there.None of these were the ones I had collected.These are just hers.hehe. Since then my MIL has collected even more.She had to buy four small book cases in order to display her many treasures. Her favorite collections are the beautiful plates on the far left corner of the table.They are gorgeous animals and she looked the plates up online to see how much they are worth.She said they were over $30.00 a piece.She got them for $1.00 each. WOW!! She told me that shortly after we had come back home..they had gone to the flea market and it was towards the end of the day when she walked past a table and the man told her to go get her car and bring it around..and she could have as many of the items she wanted from that table cause he had to leave and didn't have time to pack them up.He was on a mission to get more.LOL I haven't seen what she collected yet..but I am most curious!!hehe
    I just had to use this QP when I saw it .Can you blame me?LOL Okay all you garage sale junkies...get out there and start collecting.I wanna see you beat this!!hehe

    Thanks for looking!! A comment would be most appreciated.I love your feedback.:)