Saturday, March 14, 2009

Look at what I found at the thrift store!!:)

I saw this on the shelf at Goodwill the other day and could not believe they only wanted $4.94 for it.Most of the time when you see these type of things will be at least eight to ten dollars or more. Am I wierd??? Cause I LOVE IT!!:)
I turned it so you can see the different sides of it.It is soo cool.... it even has spikey fin type designs on it. Soo much going on and even the back side is amazing.:)

I knew exactly where I was gonna put it when I got home.On the back corner of my garden tub.!!! I haven't figured out if I am gonna put any flowers in it or not. I hate to take away from the design.LOL Have you ever seen anything like this before? I haven't..but then..I haven't been around like some of you have. I prolly need to get out more often..but would be right back to the thrift stores.hehe

Jim is taking me to get another hard drive this afternoon.Just the small one I told you about in the last post..but then I will be back in business hopefully by Monday.This weekend will be spent loading programs etc.We all know the drill.:) I know I have been leary to dwnld anything on Jim's puter.I sure don't want his to get messed up.:( That's what I am using now...(with his permission) while he is working today. :) He is soo sweet...just handed it over to me and said do whatever I want..cept don't click on any Ads etc . and DON'T use Internet Explorer for anything!! I have heard that even if you x out of the Ads..they can leave cookies etc on your puter.His suggestion is to use the task manager ..alt/delete to get rid of them.That way..they don't leave the cookies .He has read up on it and I am hoping what he has read is right.:) I had been using firefox and have Norton Anti Virus on the puter too.Jim asked me if I had used IE lately and I recall having to do that when some dwnlds wouldn't work with firefox.That should have been a warning sign to me then ..ya think?LOL Oh well..we live and hopefully learn.:) I got the stuff I wanted to dwnld though.LOL

Thank you all so much for coming by and saying Hi:) I LOVE your visits..and please let me know what you think of the vase.:)