Friday, March 13, 2009

Hard Drive went Kaput!!:(

Just stopping in to let you know...I think I got that virus everyone has been talking about.It totally wiped out my new hard drive. Jim tried to fix it and even tried to reformat it and no won't repair. It was a 500 gbt. too.:( Fortunately ...I have been backing up most of my designs and dwnlds.YAY! Jim said he is gonna replace it with a smaller drive for me to just keep the system operations on and then I can keep the other things I want to save...on disks or external drives. I lost my recent bookmarks though.I hadn't thought of copying those but I do have the older ones on a disk.Can you tell this has happened to me before?LOL

I am using Jim's puter now to post this...but wanted to let you know to be sure to back up your files and don't forget your bookmarks too.:)

I will be around... just not as often.:)