Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More thrift store finds and a finished brag book.:)

Here are some of my most recent Thrift store finds. A beautiful vase for only $1.50.I left the tag on for the pic.:) I LOVE carousel horses and this one is soo pretty.It has a wind up on the bottom and plays..."To Dream The Impossible Dream".I got it for $3.13. Can you believe that.I collect jewelry boxes this was a real treasure for me.:) Please excuse the floral arrangement in the background.LOL

This is a small shelf I got from the thrift store and I was intrigued by the way it folded flat...and when opened it is a pretty shelf for small treasures...see below...:) I got two at $1.51 a piece. I'm not cheap..just frugal.LOL

This small shelf measures 7 1/2 inches tall and 6 inches wide...Just right for some beautiful candles or a favorite what not..knick knack whatever you call them.LOL

This is the cover of a brag book I just finished. This is of my granddaughters.I had given a similar different colors to my DIL for Christmas and just remembered..I hadn't made one for myself.I must admit ..mine went faster ..cause all I had to do was reprint the pages I had already made.hehe.I decorated the cover with some dollar items I had gotten from Michaels. The book itself came from the Dollar Tree...Frugal again.LOL

Thanks for looking!!:)