Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mama's 80th Bday pics

This is my Mama.She will be eighty years old on April 15th.
Doesn't she look fantastic??:)

Here's the pretty cake our friend ..Mindy made for the occasion.Isn't it soo pretty?:)

I wanted to show you something....the candles are burning different colors.Look closely at the flames. The pic is dark ..cause we turned the lights out to do this part.:) Click on the preview for a closer look.!! :) I don't know if you have seen these kind of candles before..but this was a new experience for some of us..and we were really impressed.Doesn't take much.LOL

Some of you know that my brother,his wife and their youngest son came up for a few days.They came to my sister's house on Sunday and got there around eleven.My sister had made plans to celebrate my Mom's eightieth birthday this weekend (Sunday) since we could have the whole family together for it.All her kids were there..My two older brothers...my baby sister and me.I am the third child.They say three times is charm.hehe JK.:) Anyway..the SURPRISE was successful.:) Mom had no idea all of us were gonna be there.She knew my brother was coming up..but had no idea this was going on behind her back.:) Especially this much in advance.My sister made meatball sandwiches and had individual packets of assorted chips in a big wicker basket.She also had veggies and dip and some little smokie sausages with cheese cubes on toothpicks to snack on.She got a big metal tub (like you use for dunking for apples) and filled it with assorted colas and surrounded them with crushed ice cubes. Cake and ice cream for dessert. Not one of us went home hungry.:) It was a lot of fun seeing the siblings all together again.:)
We have been invited to go to Mom's this evening to finish off the meatballs.Yay! I don't have to cook!!!LOL

Now to get out there and say Hi to some of you before you forget I exist.LOL I really have been soo busy lately.:)