Monday, March 02, 2009

A Portrait of Katlyn-My Great Niece

I just LOVE the way this photo turned out and I wanted to show it to you.This isn't the original photo.In the original photo..Katlyn was leaning on my coffee table ...on her elbows..her head in her hands...watching cartoons. I cropped her out of the photo and the photo still had items in it that were showing around her. Half of a floral arrangement..a small bowl she had that I had put apple chunks in for her...and a couple of other things that distracted from her being the center of focus. I added a mask to her photo..then chose a background color to match the mask. This adorable photo is the results and I am very pleased with it...even if I do say so myself.LOL There's no mistaking who is the center of focus now..right? My sister is in for a surprise ..cause I printed out an 8x10 photo for her. This is her granddaughter...and such a beautiful subject for my layouts! :)