Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Got Two More Awards Yesterday!!:)

I got two more awards yesterday from my friend
  • Helen
  • . Thank you sooo much Helen for choosing me as one of the recipients to receive these.How sweet! I am VERY honored...and feel all warm and fuzzy.:) Honestly..I am very touched.:)
    If I understand correctly ..I am suppose to choose ten blogs that I really love and then pass these on to them.Wow..how difficult will that be?? Cause I love them all!!! :)

    I really am pressed for time..so this is how I am gonna handle it. If you leave a comment for me..write your blog url in with your comment and grab these awards..they are from me.:) I will post your urls in tomorrows blog post...if I am able ..if not..it may be Thursday's post. Now..don't think you don't deserve these..cause you do.If you are a friend of mine..and you come to see me..I WANT you to have them.:) I wouldn't come to your blogs if I didn't love visiting you.!!

    I am at a stalemate with my designs.I only ever used 4shared for my dwnlds and now I am hearing from everyone that there may be computer virus's being passed on it.How sad.:( I think I have an account with "you send it" but that was an awful long time ago and I never used it.LOL I made a QP this morning and was uploading it to 4shared when I remembered the problem.Soooo I will have to find somewhere else to upload them....somewhere that doesn't have pop ups every time you go to it...and doesn't have nasty advertisments.Oh..and FREE!! LOL Any suggestions?