Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally posting some awards.:)

I received this wonderful award from my dear friend..
  • Shirley
  • (xasheescorner) a while back and I am soo sorry I didn't post it right away.She was soo sweet to pass this on to me and I really am honored, Shirley,that you thought of me.Thank you soo much.:)

    I received this award a while back too from my dear friend
  • Kyra
  • . Soo sorry Kyra for being sooo late in posting it. I am so honored that you would give me such a wonderful award.Three in one..:) Soo sweet!
    This is another one that my friend
  • Kyra
  • gave me today.Well..I found out about it today anyway.LOL Thank you Kyra sooo much for sharing this beautiful award with me.I really do appreciate your thinking of me when passing it on.:)

    I know I got another award from my wonderful friend..
  • Barb
  • ( Mrs.Miles) a while back..and will have to find it before I can post it.With all the changes in my puter etc recently..I am having difficulty finding things..but I am persistant and as soon I discover it's hiding place..I will post it.Thank you Barb!!:)

    If I have forgotten anyone in this list..please let me know..cause I have waited too long to post them and my memory isn't that great.:)

    My award is having such sweet and wonderful friends that make my every day something special.Thank you.