Monday, February 16, 2009

While I'm Waiting

Have any of you seen this movie.."Fighting the Giants"? Jim and I did with our family last year when it first came out.It is a really good Christian movie and even though it has has such truth and shows the power of God when we trust him. If you haven't seen it..go get it from the video stores and watch it.You won't be sorry. It hasn't got huge ..well known stars playing the parts.. but if you will listen with your heart to the message... I can will love it!

Scroll down for a freebie!!:)

Valjs QP 2-16-09

I was playing this morning with my paint program and thought I would offer you a page I had made.You don't have to use this just for Valentine's day.It will work for any of your layouts with a loved one.! Hope you like it.:)

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day.Jim took me to a really nice Italian Restaurant and we found out that my Son and his wife were gonna go there too and were across the street (at Walmart) killing time before coming over.They decided to come on over... so..I put the four of us on the longgg list of people waiting to get a table.:) It took a little while but it was soo worth it.We hadn't tried this new restaurant until last week when Robby and Liz (his wife) had tried it out and let us know it was yummy.So..we met them there last week and they were RIGHT!! It's called D'Gusto's...or something spelled like that.LOL I don't know if it is just a local one or if there are others across the nation...I am just glad it's in our town and we tried it out.:) Jim also got me a Valentine's teddy bear and a box of sugar free chocolates from Whitmans.mmmm..
Speaking of Whitman's...If you scroll down and click on the peanut products link from yesterday's will see a list of peanut products that are OKAY to use..they are not on the recall list and Whitman's is one of them.YAY!! So is Russel Stover's.Another YAY!!LOL
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!
If you can use another QP with a heart cluster are welcome to use this one.:)

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