Friday, January 30, 2009

I am overwhelmed!!:)

This is my middle Granddaughter..Lexi. She is the one who always poses and asks me to take pics of her. Sometimes it's of her making faces and sometimes a dance just never know.This time..she had the tissue paper from one of my presents and wanted me to take a pic of her with it.:) hehe
If I had to choose a favorite card from the wonderful ones I received for my bday..this would have to be it.LOL Lexi ( first pic) made it and surprised me with it. I made sure to get a pic so I could show it to you.:)
It says"Even though you are very old you are still a special Grandma and a very nice one and you crack me up on jokes" hehe
Oh..and I wish I was that skinny too...hehe.Click on the pic to take a closer look at her drawing of the two of us!!:)
I think I will have it framed and I definitely will scrap it!!LOL
That is my BIL's profile peeking in the right side of the pic.:)

I want to thank you ALL again for the wonderful day you have given to me.!!You are ALL sooo sweet! I don't think I stopped smiling all day!:)

Yesterday Jimmy and I babysat Katlyn(great niece) while Mom went to her Doctor's appt. Then Mom came back to my house and we spent the rest of the afternoon together watching Katlyn.Jim came home from work just before Mom had planned on leaving and then I had to start supper..clean the kitchen and by that time... my back..which had been protesting the last few days...decided it had had enough..I could hardly sit in my desk chair without squirming and I finally gave up and sat in the recliner with the heating pad on my back...and drank hot tea while watching TV.:) Sooo..if I haven't replied to your wonderful comments..that is why.I will try to get to them as soon as possible.:)

I wanted to ask you to continue to pray for my "unspoken" request. It concerns a dear dear friend of mine. Thank you soo much!

I hope to be back tomorrow with some really cute pics I took of Katlyn yesterday.:)