Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My 55th Bday and I give you my Heart!!:)

Background not's in a previous post.hehe Today is my 55th bday and I have become a Senior Citizen...and now I get those fifty cent discounts.LOL Jim made waffles for us this morning.No..not the frozen ..pop in the toaster kind...REAL ones..where you have to put the mix in the waffle iron and wait for the ready light to pop on.LOL They were VERY good.Thank you Jim!!
I couldn't believe the emails and comments I got for my birthday this morning.I think every forum I ever joined had a special birthday wish for me.Thank you soo much!!:)

My brother..Lewis..said Happy Birthday..sorry I had to remind you.LOL He's older than I am or I would get him back.hehe

Mama sent me a message this morning wishing me a Happy Birthday and making sure I knew she loves me.:)

Christy left a note and placed it right in front of my monitor ...Happy 55th Birthday Mom..Love you..Christy.Now did she know to put that in front of my monitor????hehe

Jimmy gave me a big hug and wished me a Happy Birthday..and the list goes on and on....

I want to thank each and every one of you who sent email to me and also those who came to my blog and wished me a Happy Birthday.I was overwhelmed when I saw soo many birthday greetings ..and the day has only just started!!:) Jim and the family are taking me to Golden Corral this evening to celebrate it.Bet we get the fifty cent discount!!LOL Hey..that gives me more for the thrift store..right?hehe

Anyway..I wanted to make something for you all..but my puter is running slow and it seemed to take me all morning to make this ..but I would love to give you my HEART! You ALL mean soo much to me.Wish I could take you with me this evening.:) We could fill up one of their back rooms and have the time of our lives ..and wipe the salad bar clean!!LOL

Hope you like it!

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