Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So far ..so good..and more thrift store finds.:)

First..I wanted to show you an arrangement I made for my dining room table.I took the one I had made before apart and washed it all up..then made a whole new arrangement with the artificial flowers.Etc. I love using my thrift store finds in these too.The glass globe is one of them.I fill the globe with potpourri..then I will add some cute what nots to the arrangements or a candle inside of the globe..etc. and I think they turn out just as nice as some of those expensive ones you find at Michaels.:) I think I need a "do not light the candles" tag on them though.LOL I went through a phase where I had sooo many arrangements I was giving them away.LOL I have some pics of them and I may just show them to you if you would like to see them.:)

I couldn't resist this cute chick!! She's all puffy and has STITCHES.LOL Only $2.50.
Here is another item I couldn't resist.My dish towels will find a home on her if and when I find a spot on the wall for it.hehe Only $2.00.
I HAD to get this beautiful crystal (glass) candle holder for my Mom.She LOVES and collects crystal and also angels. Now would you have passed it by for $1.91?:) She is around six inches tall and heavy too. There is a candle holder behind her...the top of her head is a halo.
My most favorite find!!! An Oreo cookie jar.!!! If you keep up with my blog you will know I collect cookie jars and I could not resist this one at only $5.00. It was more than I usually spend on them..but It was in perfect condition and I just love it! See that big Oreo cookie for the handle and the milk splashing out of the cup? It could be ice cream and that would be even better.LOL

Well..Christy is waiting for me to go shopping with her.Guess what.....she wants to go to thrift stores to see if they have any weights. Cool!!!LOL

Thanks for looking!!