Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Valjs QP 1-5-09

I thought it was about time I gave another QP away.:) I used a color scheme I had found. Hope you like it.:) Oh..speaking of color schemes..if you take a look in my upper right sidebar ..I added one you can play with.:)

I want to Thank all of you who have stopped in to say hi and leave a comment for me.I sure appreciate your taking the time to make my day!!:) How sweet!

Whew!!It's been a busy couple of months hasn't it? I am still not caught up on the things I had wanted to get caught up on... but I guess they will be there when I can get to them.LOL Christy wants to go shopping today and with her birthday coming up this next week..she will need to go get her new tag for her car.All three of us sent off for our driver's licenses instead of having to stand in line and that is WONDERFUL!!:) We got the ten year ones.I bet my pic won't even look like me after ten years more added to this "getting older" body of mine.LOL

Did you notice my blog design???hehe. We have five birthdays this month.The first one is Jim's..on the ninth..then Christy's on the eleventh...then Jim's sister's on the thirteenth...then my sister's hubby's on the fifteenth and mine is at the end of the month...28th. I will be 55 this year.Wow!!Senior discounts!!LOL

Well...Jim wants to pay bills this morning so I guess I need to go now.Oh fun!!:)

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