Sunday, January 04, 2009

Thrift Store Finds for Under $4.00

I know some of you love to thrift store and swap meet shop.If you come to my will find all kinds of wonderful goodies that I have collected through the years at the thrift stores.I can't remember paying any more than four dollars each for any of these that I am showing today.Some of them were only a couple of dollars and I grabbed them quickly.LOL Please excuse the lighting.:) These cuties sit on the top of a tall pantry cabinet in my kitchen. Click on the pic and hopefully you will get a closer look..but please not too closely cause I haven't been able to dust much during the holidays.LOL

I just love this one.It sits on the back of the commode in our master bathroom.I added some flowers I got from Walmart or Dollar Tree..not sure which.:)The mat under it is actually a placemat for the dining room table.LOL (no..I no longer use it for the dining room.) hehe

Okay..I love this one too.!! It sits on top of the refrigerator...along with a pig napkin holder and another stray duck.:) I took it down for the pic.

This one sits on our garden tub behind the faucets. I have no idea what it is suppose to represent with the boy on the if you know..please let me know.:)

I have seen several of these wash cloth holders at the thrift stores and decided that since the marble holder at the bottom matched Jims shaving mug and holder..I would get it.:) I wish I had thought to take a pic of that too. Too late!!:) Maybe next time. If I get a chance tomorrow..I would like to show you some of the cookie jars I have collected from the thrift stores. too can have pretty things for pennies and no one would know unless you told them..oops.LOL

Back to work.Cleaning the refrigerator out today!!