Monday, November 30, 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my youngest son and his family's home. I use to have the dinner at my home until I just couldn't keep up with it anymore ..cause of my bad ankle and back.I handed the reigns over to my DIL ..Liz...a couple of years ago.. and she took them and ran.LOL She made a scrumptious Turkey by marinating it over night and it was sooo moist..and sooo pretty I just had to show you.:)
The table and side counter was pretty much full of food for all.Liz made the turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes with cream cheese..mmm....corn,celery sticks filled with peanut butter and some with cream favorite..then she had dinner rolls,(Jimmy supplied them)deviled eggs and cranberry sauce to go with the meal.Carrie(my oldest granddaughter) fourteen..helped her with some of the food and did a great job too! I made my Macaroni and cheese and Waldorf salad that everyone there loves.Christy made the sweet potato souffle this year and it was yummy too!For dessert..Liz made pies...pumpkin,chocolate pudding pie and lemon meringue (Jim's favorite). We all ate way too much and still had some left over to bring some back for our supper on Friday night. After the dinner at Robby's house..we all came back to our house to decorate for Christmas.Robby and Melisa(Liz's sister) and the girls decorated the Christmas tree and Robby and Melisa hung the Christmas lights outside for me.Wow..don't you just love a large family?LOL Thank you for helping me decorate!:)
I wanted to give a shout out for "Just So Scrappy" and her COOL brag book pages.I LOVE her designs .They are soo cute.She gives ten brag book pages away for every kit she makes.If Jim would get me a pay pal account..I would buy out her whole store. Maybe that's why I don't have one yet?LOL I asked for one for Christmas.We'll see.hehe Her link is in my sure to go see her and please tell her I sent you.:) I will show you some brag book pages soon of Katlyn (my great niece) pretending to cook.I used "Just So Scrappy's cooking brag book pages to do it and they turned out soo cute!

Thanks for stopping by and looking.Love your visits!



Designs By Jennifer Rassi said...

Wow, yummy looking Turkey!! It looks like you had a great thanksgiving and yummy dinner. :) I just popped in to remind you there's something on my blog for you! :D Hope you like it!
Happy Holidays!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!
LOVE the LOs!!!!!!!!!!
Got new ones up on mine too!!!!!! LOL
Aren't her BB albums AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Not much going on here!!!!!!
Did get some of my Christmas decorating done Jace even put up my Firetruck with Santa outside this year which I had for awhile now & he would put it up!!!!!!

Judgirl said...

wow ...looks like a feast was had ...glad you and your family had a great awesome ...dinner and time shared...


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!
Just got your comment!!!!! LOL
I've the trains finished too unzipped & filed away!!!!!! LOL
Hoping to get my tree up today & decorated!!!!!
This weather is so freaky for Dec Wed thru Thurs rain & wind temp in the 60's yesterday in the 50's!!!!!!
I'm alrighr with it as it will save on my electric bill!!!! LOL

Yesterday I made up my Christmas card & all I have to do is print them out.
Got Missy's BDay card done & printed for the 20th of this month & started Jess's for next month, still need to print out the Gift card holders for my niece's & nephews!!!!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!!!!
Really early this morning as I'm having trouble sleeping with the pain in my knees BUT I HOPE to get my tree up today!!!!!! LOL
Check to see my blog & you'll see why the pain!!!! LOL

GSCreations said...

oooooh my, can i come to dinner, thats the best looking meal i'v ever seen lol!! Take care of yourself now, hugs from me and have a great festive season

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...


I just stopped by Sharon's and saw your note about Jim being sick. I hope to find him feeling better quickly - this is NO time for bugs, don't those little critters know? :D

CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement of your niece and NOW romantic that Troy proposed in front of Cinderella's castle! SWEET!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for ALL of your WONDERFULLY kind comments on my blog this past year and please know just how much I enjoy your visits and just wish I could make it by more often to visit!

May you and your PRECIOUS family have a MOST wonderful Christmas and may you have some more INCREDIBLE memories to keep you scrapping happy throughout the new year!

Much love and a BIG hug too,
Linda <3