Sunday, November 08, 2009

Christy's New "BEAUTIFUL" Doll

YAY! Christy (DD) just finished making another doll. Isn't she gorgeous!!!!? Christy notices all the imperfections ..but I notice how very talented my daughter is and would love to have that kind of creative ability. Christy used inset eyes...that "she" made!! How cool is that? Okay..I am excited..hehe Christy hasn't been able to work with her polymer clay dolls for a while now because she had a problem with her hand going numb.She found something that helped her to adjust her back and she was surprised that her hand didn't go numb.I think it's like anything else that you do repetitively.(prolly mispelled) :) I was soo pleased to see her working on another doll and I just HAD to show her to you!:) Oh...her dress is made from "paper"..isn't that COOL!?

I have been sick with a BAD cold this week. Hacking and coughing until my sides ache.. and seems like I have used the whole towns supply of tissues. hehe....but I got up this morning actually feeling like I just might survive it!LOL Maybe my fever broke??hmmm.Will have to check that out.:)

If you wouldn't mind leaving a comment for Christy on would make both of our days!!:)



Robbi and Mike said...

Oh, what an adorable doll. She is so cute Christy!

Hope you get over that cold soon Val - just glad its a cold and not the flu.

Michaeles puter still down- they ordered a new hard drive as her dh could not get it running. HOpe this will resolve the problem...and also get the cd rom drive to work also. Sayin our prayers.

NEed to stay away from Facebook and get back into scrapping - Soon!
Take care now and big hugs

Judgirl said...

oh Christy ... wow she is beautiful ..your mom is so proud of you . Keep up the great work .


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning VAL!!!!!!!!!
WOW what a MANIFICENT doll!!!!!!!!!
I know how PROUD you are of Christy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So glad your slowly feeling better!!!!!!!!!
Didnt get anything done this weekend!!!!!!!!!!
Except since yesterday was WARM[70 degrees] so I went out & cleaned all the leaves off my deck AGAIN & moved my Large bird feeder so its easier for me to fill this winter & refilled the millet & sunflower seed feeders!!!!!!!!!!
Jace didnt do my computer instead he took his souped up Mustang to a car show Sat & without me telling him to he cleaned up the leaves by mowing hem & than blowing the rest into the woods outback!!!!!!!!!!
Almost forgot I've a new LO up!!!!!!! LOL
HUGE HUGS & PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Firstly, I hope you are feeling better, my dear friend. I know how miserable a cold can be. May your sinuses clear and hacking cease. I order you to stop being sick hahahaha!

I WILL be checking on you.

Christy, you are SO talented. Your doll is a unique work of art. What a special gift you have to bring these characters to life. Makes me think of how God created us - does it feel powerful to you? I know as an artist how we can dwell on what we see are imperfections and in the process lose the joy of knowing we can create. DON'T let this happen - each time we create its a learning experience. The eyes on your doll are amazing. Is this a new techique for you? Will we be treated to a video again one day?

Love, Barb

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Hi Val!!!!!!!
I'm finally on my NEW PUTER!!!!!!!!!!!
Its the new 7 version & I'm having 1 heck of a time!!!!!
Got to get Jace to copy ALL my Nov DLS to a disc since he didn't let me know that he was doing it yesterday so all I would have to do was move them to a external drive than get them back on here!!!!
But I cant figure how to find my Externsls even to move them!!!!!
So I'm playing around trying to figure everything out!!!!!!!
Talk to U later!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!
I know where they are at but they now have different letters on this 1 & I have to figure which is which!!!! LOL

I finally figured out how to move a DL file to another folder on it!!!!!!!!!!
I was getting ticked but finally figured it out!!!!!!!!!

Guess what I also found my DLs from this month so now I dont need Jace to copy them to a disc!!!
Well I've got alot of catching up to do & than back to working on getting things going on here!!!!!!!!!!

xashee's corner said...

first i sure hope you are feeling better! colds are NO FUN at all.
second, thank you so much for your visit, it makes me smile when you do! :)
third, oh my goodness how i LOVE your daughter's talents!! i would be so PROUD to own one of her BEAUTIES some day!!
oh and to answer your quilling question, some of the plants can take an hour or more and the 'wicker' furnitures take a couple hours or more, really depending on the project. thankfully i have bought the strips of paper that are used, but will eventually turn to making my own strips, it's just so much cheaper and wiser.
and mostly i only use a corsage pin to roll the strips into scrolls or tight rolls. :) thanks soooooooooooo much for asking!! i sure miss getting around more but with my puter out of commission till after the holidays and my hubby's computer having its own issues, it just hasn't been easy! thank you for not forgetting me! HUGS!!! have an AWESOME day my friend!! see ya soon! :D

Γεωργία said...

thank you so much!
for the sweet comment
love from Greece.Georgia

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I've finally have all 3 of my externslly drives & my sm portable 1!!!!!!!! LOL
I bought a new hub & that fixed the problem!!!!!!
Still have a couple of programs to upload but I'm slowly taking my time with them!!!!!!!!
I also have figured out how to move my files since its different on this puter & even to my externals[to them everything is copied & than I have to delete the orignal which is a pain!!!!!
I even managed to get more stuff unzipped & filed away!!!!!!!!!
Well I'm off to visit the rest of my dailys & than to WalMart for some groceries!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val
I dont have Vista its the new Windows 7 & so far I'm LOVEING it!!!!!!!
Got my groceries yesterday morning at WalMart & even bought another gift for my sweety for Christmas a cute little computer so when mommy & daddy are on their laptops she has 1 too!!!!! LOL
I even managed to get Jess's[FDIL] BDay gifts for Jan!!!!!!!!!!
Well thats it for now