Thursday, September 10, 2009

Katlyn's 3rd Birthday BB

I found these COOL brag book pages as a freebie on Just So Scrappy's blog.(link in sidebar). I just HAD to use them for Katlyn's (my sister's granddaughter) third birthday brag book. Wish I had thought to put the flash in the "up" position for this pic though.LOL

Here is Katlyn eating her cake..and Great Grandma(my Mom) lending a helping hand.:)
Katlyn got this wonderful fluffy pink chair from a friend.The first thing she did was curl up in it.This pic is after she decided to sit in it instead. Isn't she a cutie?:)

This is Katlyn and Lexie (my youngest granddaughter) riding in Katlyn's brand new Cadillac.I ask you...what three year old gets a Cadillac for their bday??LOL

Here is Katlyn and Lexie (my middle granddaughter) ready for a ride.Doesn't Katlyn look cute in her Cadillac convertable with her fancy sun glasses?hehe
Don't you just LOVE these adorable Brag book pages? If so..they are prolly still there for the taking. (and many others too) (This is only five..of the ten for this delicious brag book). If you haven't been to Just So are really missing a treat (no pun intended..hehe).Her kits and designing ability..are awesome! Go take a look and come back and let me know what you think!!



Judgirl said...

love the brag book set you used ...great pics to ...grandkids they are so much fun...even those that belong to others ....hehehe ..she is a cutey

have a great weekend


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning VAL!!!!!!!!!
LOVE how your BBpages turn out!!!!!!
I even managed to DL ALL her MARVELOUS pages too!!!!!!!! LOL
Hope you have a FAB weekend!!!!!!!
Ours is starting off with rain!!!!!!!!!!