Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Robby!!

We met at Shoguns(Japanese restaurant) near the mall for lunch today.Those of us who were able to anyway.There were seven of us. Tonight there will be cake and ice cream and opening of the presents!! It's been a busy day so far!:)
I can't believe our BABY is thirty!! Say it isn't so!!LOL
We LOVE you Robby and hope your day is a special one for you!

Mom and Dad

p.s. I didn't tweak the photos..they are straight out of the camera.:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here's another BB page I made to go with the last one I posted. I had to do this one in shifts.Life gets soo busy.:) I used Joni Gray's "Summer Daze" kit. I LOVE it! This one has pics of my other two granddaughters Lexi and Carrie.They are the sisters of Destiny.(pic in the last post)
Joni's link is in my sidebar and if you haven't gone there to see her designs and grab them..then you are missing a wonderful treat.:)

I am suppose to be babysitting my Great Niece today while my Mom and sister go to a wedding.(a mutual friend of theirs) It should be just beautiful and I can't wait to see the gorgeous pics.:) That's pretty much how I will be spending my day today.You all know how a three year old can require your full attention.hehe
Thanks for stopping by and looking ..and for taking the time to comment.I LOVE to hear from you.:)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can you believe this kit is PERFECT for Destiny's dress? How cool! This is another brag book page I created using "Summer Daze" from Joni Gray designs.(link in sidebar).
Destiny is growing up sooo fast.She's not a baby any more..that's for sure!:)

We had flooding here in Georgia this last Monday.Whew! Was it ever WET!! We didn't have enough damage to really mention when you think of the damage that others had.Losing their homes and all their belongings.Then the nine lives that have been lost in the flood.:( How sad!

Our garage filled up with two inches of water..due to the overflow on the hill behind us.The trench Jim made for the runoff (to keep our yard from flooding) a few years back..just couldn't handle the amount of rain that was coming down the hill.Jim came home from work that afternoon and came in through the garage to get into dry weather faster..and discovered the garage floor was covered in water.Sooo we all got together and swept and blew the water out (using the yard blower) and things down there are drying out now.What a job! I need to do more sweeping or lift weights or get more toned in my shoulder muscles.Moving that water around with a small NOT the best solution ..but it was all we had available at the time. I am soo thankful that the damage my family had was basically minor things.At least the ones I know of so far anyway.Mom had some leaking from her roof and will need a few minor repairs. Fortunately..she has the guys to help her with that.I personally refuse to do roofing repairs. I am not as young as I use to be.Yes..I did help Jim start roofing one of the houses we helped build as a down payment years and years ago.Jim made me stop helping the moment he found out we were expecting our third child. Hmm...he did that with riding a motor cycle with our first one too..:( .and I was having FUN!!LOL
Things seem to be drying out around here now and so is this subject.LOL Sooo ..I guess I will leave it at this for now.

Have a wonderful week!!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

No need to say more!!:)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Even More Layouts!! :)

These top four BB pages are made using Kim B's (link in sidebar) Bday Peaches kit. So fun!! I did use her frame design and added a different paper from her kit to make a different frame for the third one down.

These bottom two are from another kit of Kim's called Happy Day.I love this one too and will most likely make a few more BB pages from it.This is as far as I have gotten so far....and prolly wouldn't have stopped if it wasn't sooo late last night and time to go to bed.LOL They look a lot better without the 'Sample"written across them..but these are NOT mine to offer as freebies.Just wanted you to see what can be done with a wonderful designer's work.:) Thank you sooo much Kim for making such fun kits for us to play with.!!! :)

If you haven't gone to see KimB..which is hard for me to believe...hehe..then please go to my sidebar and let the link transfer you all the way to South Africa and to her blog.:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Blog design :)

Hey! It's Fall ya'll !! :) Well..maybe not officially..but seems to be on my blog.LOL I have been wanting to change my blog background for a while now but wanted to wait until I could figure out how to get the background to be wide enough for a wide screen monitor.With the patient help of Jim (DH) together we did it! He told me what to do and I did what he said.LOL It sure is colorful..don't you think?:)
Thanks to Barb who had no idea we were sneaking in her back door to see how SHE did it.LOL Turn about is fair play! LOVE YOU BARB!! :)


Saturday, September 12, 2009

More layouts:)

Lexie and Destiny in one of their cute moments.:)

Katlyn leaning on the coffee table watching TV...oh..and the camera.LOL

These are NOT mine to offer as freebies.I just wanted to show you what I did using Joni Gray's new Sunset kit.It was soo much fun playing with it.:) I did take a little artistic license and made things to my liking...using HER papers and HER designs.I just duplicated some of her items and filled them with HER papers.On the flourish..I filled it with HER papers and then used my button option on PI to make it an element to go with the pages. Everything you see on these pages..cept the pics of course...can be done using her AWESOME "freebie" kit.:) I knew that would get your interest up pretty quickly.LOL

If you are interested in getting this kit..Joni's link is in my sidebar.:) Enjoy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Katlyn's 3rd Birthday BB

I found these COOL brag book pages as a freebie on Just So Scrappy's blog.(link in sidebar). I just HAD to use them for Katlyn's (my sister's granddaughter) third birthday brag book. Wish I had thought to put the flash in the "up" position for this pic though.LOL

Here is Katlyn eating her cake..and Great Grandma(my Mom) lending a helping hand.:)
Katlyn got this wonderful fluffy pink chair from a friend.The first thing she did was curl up in it.This pic is after she decided to sit in it instead. Isn't she a cutie?:)

This is Katlyn and Lexie (my youngest granddaughter) riding in Katlyn's brand new Cadillac.I ask you...what three year old gets a Cadillac for their bday??LOL

Here is Katlyn and Lexie (my middle granddaughter) ready for a ride.Doesn't Katlyn look cute in her Cadillac convertable with her fancy sun glasses?hehe
Don't you just LOVE these adorable Brag book pages? If so..they are prolly still there for the taking. (and many others too) (This is only five..of the ten for this delicious brag book). If you haven't been to Just So are really missing a treat (no pun intended..hehe).Her kits and designing ability..are awesome! Go take a look and come back and let me know what you think!!


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009

I made myself another desktop background and wanted to show it to you. This is one of my favorite verses and what the Lord has been teaching us.:)
I used Pam Lefor's background paper for the background and also for the cross. I used one of the background papers from Annie's Christian Easter kit and masked it for the praying hands.I am really pleased with the way it turned out.:)
The links to these very talented and "oh so generous" ladies is in my sidebar.Please go take a look at their blogs.:)