Saturday, August 01, 2009

Today is Jim and my 38th Wedding Anniversary. This is the very first pic that was taken of us together. For those of you who may be reading about this for the first time..I will just tell you ..that I was thirteen and Jim was fourteen when we started going together.I had just recently moved across the street from him when ours eyes met and that was it for us.hehe

This is the best I could do with our Wedding pic.It sure has aged.LOL I was seventeen and Jim was eighteen when we got married.:) A sweet lady in our church ..made this gown for me. Didn't she do a fantastic job!!!!

This is us trying to make it to the car without being "riced" to death.LOL I couldn't believe the amount of rice that kept falling out of my hair that afternoon.hehe

This is our most recent pic together.Our vacation pic from the other day.:) Jim has recently shaven his beard.I am fifty five and Jim is fifty six. A lifetime of being BEST OF FRIENDS!:)

I LOVE you Jim, and always have! Literally..hehe Happy Anniversary!



smiekeltje said...

I am so terribly sorry I missed the post ! I don;t know why, cause I have you on my dashboard! Must have been a temporarily blackout or so! Anyway, although belated, congratulations on the anniversary! Gosh, what a long time and the pictures of you two are so sweet! Sending you from across the ocean a big hug! Thank for stopping by on my blog and leaving a little message. I am still missing you in the blog world, I know, you do post from time to time, but I mean the regurlarly blogging and also your designs. But it seems you are having a wonderful time and life so why should we complain? But still you are missed, and I am sure a lot of people think the same, LOL. Lots of greetings and another hug

Judgirl said...

wow the photos were awesome girl marry your first love and to be together today...this marriage is blessed by the Lord..way to go girl

Suzi said...

How sweet is this? Thanks for sharing the pics :) I'm so sorry I haven't been around, I've been running back and forth to see my MOM. She's having surgery on the 25th, so back I go. I'm tired :( I will get back in touch with you when I get back.