Thursday, August 27, 2009

I was searching to see what scriptures I wanted to read this morning and this scripture verse was on the front page. It is one of my favorites too!:) The Lord has shown me that the more I put my trust in HIM..the more he PROVES to me ..that he can be trusted.!!! :)
In these troubled times..we need to know that if we put our trust in the Lord.He will give us a peace that passeth all understanding. All throughout the bible ..the Lord asks his people to trust him.What kind of relationship would we have with our spouse..if we didn't trust them and ..that is the question for today...what kind of relationship can we have with our Father..the CREATOR of the universe...if we don't trust him? Think about FATHER created the universe and I wonder if he can take care of the little things???? How silly is that?LOL
Jim (DH) said the Lord showed him when he was young..that the higher he can place God...and then place him even higher than that...would show him a glimpse of how GREAT he really is. :) God IS in control and we who trust in him..will be blessed because we can live in a peace that only comes from him.

I always try to compare our trust with the story of Peter and him walking on the water. As long as he had his eyes focused on the Lord...he could walk on the water.It was only when he took his eyes off of the Lord..that he began to sink. He started watching the waves...and that is what we are doing if we are getting stressed and worried about the awful things that are going on around us today. We are focused on the waves and not on the one who is in control of them. By the way...people always look at Peter as a failure at this time because he failed in his quest to walk out to Jesus..but I look at it like...WOW!! he actually walked on the water!!!! Even if only a few steps..THAT was an insight for him.He became powerful in the Lord ...and I believe part of that was because of this insight. To keep his eyes on the Lord!! :)

So..with all this said..I only have one thing to suggest to you ...and that is....

Don't watch the waves!!!



Mrs. Miles said...

AWESOME message, Valinda. I am so glad I've come to see you! I only am staying a second to comment though because am catching up after a wonderful visit with my sister. I will look for you online!

Loads of love, you have a good weekend!

~ Barb

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for the heads up on the AWESOME blog train!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Of course with that purple I had to DL it!!!!!!!!!! ROFL
Not much going on here except for alot of rain & painful knees to go along with it!!!
I dont know if you ever followed BooLand Designs but she's finally back online!!!!!!!!!

Little Lamb said...

I like your wallpaper. Thanks for sharing. I too enjoy making desktop wallpaper with bible verses on them. It's a great way to keep God's Word close. Blessings to you. :D