Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Vacation Pics

The hotel that we stayed in on our first night had a deck out back and the river was right there for us to see.When we walked out on the deck..we heard ducks quacking. Looked down..and this is what we saw. We saw two female ducks and a beautiful male duck...and then these little ones.How cute!:)
Entering the city of Gatlinburg.:)

I took pics of the main street going into Gatlinburg.It was a Saturday and whew!! The town was packed! If you need to find someone who is missing...look there.LOL I highlighted a couple of the pics on the bottom of this page.

Some more pics a little further up the street...but not much further...cause the traffic was crawling...soooo sloooowwww.LOL It was a lot better on our return trip back to Gatlinburg..after Dollywood.:) A couple more highlighted pics to show too.
Have you ever been to Gatlinburg before? You walk down the main street and then every once in a while there will be some shops in a little court like area.Very hilly too.:) There are all kinds of shops to explore.I like the candy making shops.Although they have progressed to the machines in the taffy making ones.hehe. But you do get to see the machine at work.Pulling the taffy and then rolling,cutting, and wrapping it and then dropping it into a huge basket. We also got to see the candy maker cutting squares for another candy he was making. He had some tool that was like a roller and it had metal squares all over it (like cookie cutters) and then rolled it out on the candy that was layered onto a huge marble table.:)
Tomorrow I will have some Dollywood pics to show you.:) Thanks for stopping by!!



Tammy aka bunchie said...

Looks like you had a good vacation and I went there when I was 12 and loved it! Fished at Cheroke Lake just outside of there. Rode the sky lift when I was there but it was so many years ago I doubt they still have it. I have a Premio Dardos award for you on my blog if you get the chance to hop over and get it.

Suzi said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation! Take care of your back! lol
(((HUGS))) Suzi

Judgirl said...

wow ....ducks in a row ...what a neat picture ...wow looks like a busy little place ...you sound like you are having fun