Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One of our interesting moments of our trip.:)

This is Jim and me in our truck..heading out on our vacation.Too funny! Keep in mind..we live in Georgia so there may be a bit of an accent.LOL

Here are some pics we took while in Dollywood. :)

I love the candy shops too.They sure made the shop pretty.Jim went in to see what was inside and came away empty handed. Now..that's will power!!LOL
Here are a couple of the crafters..a glass blower and a potter working on clay.The next two pics are of the bird show.An owl and an eagle.
I love carousels. I think they are soo pretty and love to hear the music. They are so fun to watch!! That isn't me in the top pic.I was taking the pic.LOL
This will be all for now...until I get some more layouts made. Thanks for looking and commenting.:)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Vacation Pics

The hotel that we stayed in on our first night had a deck out back and the river was right there for us to see.When we walked out on the deck..we heard ducks quacking. Looked down..and this is what we saw. We saw two female ducks and a beautiful male duck...and then these little ones.How cute!:)
Entering the city of Gatlinburg.:)

I took pics of the main street going into Gatlinburg.It was a Saturday and whew!! The town was packed! If you need to find someone who is missing...look there.LOL I highlighted a couple of the pics on the bottom of this page.

Some more pics a little further up the street...but not much further...cause the traffic was crawling...soooo sloooowwww.LOL It was a lot better on our return trip back to Gatlinburg..after Dollywood.:) A couple more highlighted pics to show too.
Have you ever been to Gatlinburg before? You walk down the main street and then every once in a while there will be some shops in a little court like area.Very hilly too.:) There are all kinds of shops to explore.I like the candy making shops.Although they have progressed to the machines in the taffy making ones.hehe. But you do get to see the machine at work.Pulling the taffy and then rolling,cutting, and wrapping it and then dropping it into a huge basket. We also got to see the candy maker cutting squares for another candy he was making. He had some tool that was like a roller and it had metal squares all over it (like cookie cutters) and then rolled it out on the candy that was layered onto a huge marble table.:)
Tomorrow I will have some Dollywood pics to show you.:) Thanks for stopping by!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi all:)
I just wanted to pop in to let you know that we are doing fine.Jim and I went on a few days vacation to the Smoky Mountains this weekend.:) He gets a vacation after his store inventory.Twice a year.:)
Here are some pics I put together for an album. I wanted to use my pics as the background and add a couple to the page.This is how they turned out.:)

No one we know.:) The river was full of rafters etc.

This is only one of the tunnels we passed through during our trip through the Smoky's.Someone blew their horn every time and Jim finally had to do it on our way back home.LOL

This is Jim posing for a pic.I had to take it from the truck cause my back went out..again.LOL Some sweet woman asked if we would like her to take our pic... together. Jim told her that I couldn't get out of the she took it with me in the truck. Fortunately this was on our way back home. We cut our trip a day short so I could get back home and rest my back.:)
I asked Jim to pose for me with the Smoky's in the background and then I found a pic I had taken without him in it.I combined the two and added the sign that was in another pic.:) I like the way this one turned out too.:) We were able to go to Cherokee...Gatlinburg and Dollywood.If I get a chance I will post those too...but not today..hehe


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today's post is a sad one for me.I have been keeping up with my dear friend,Jill through emails and her blogs.Her dear husband of thirty four years passed away last month from cancer.She had a blog to keep those closest to her in touch and up to date with the progression of his illness.I had the honor of being one of those she chose to share with.
Now it is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Jill..herself..went to be with our Lord last Tuesday,July 7th.I was in total shock as I am sure some of you are ..reading this.She had an illness that came on suddenly and now ..almost a month to the day her hubby went to be with the Lord...she joined him.She was and still is a dear friend and I shall miss her tremendously until we can all fellowship together in our heavenly home.

For those of you who are wondering which Jill I am talking about.She is the one with the blogs...

Stuff by Jill

At the well


Salem daily photos

These links are in my sidebar and you won't see any updates on them.I put the names here so you will know who I am talking about.

Jill loved the Lord with all her heart and she and her husband were used wonderfully by him.Evidently their work is completed and now is the time for rejoicing.:)

Until we meet again my friend!!

Love and hugs,