Monday, April 06, 2009

Some pics to share:)

This is my Mama..cutting her cake at her second 80th birthday party.We had one already as a family...and this one is with family and friends.We had it at the clubhouse of her mobile home park. It was a really nice size room and we had close to forty people show up.YAY! Course..over half of that was family.hehe My in the background. I decorated the cake table.Not the cake though..a friend of ours..who I taught how to decorate cakes made this one.Whew! there was sooo much left over!!!! We got to bring what was left home with us..cause..nobody else wanted to be tempted.hehe

Here's a close up of the table and the cake. The cake is a song book with musical notes.Didn't she do a great job! Thanks Mindy!!:) My brother wanted this party to be 1920's and 30's cause Mom was born April 15,1929. When jazz was very popular.:) So we decided to go with a musical theme...along with actors and actresses who were popular during that time. I made 4x6 photo's of the most popular ones and placed them around the cake along with some musical notes I had printed and cut out..then placed some sheet music..and some pics of keyboards around.I had wanted a clear plastic table cloth to go over the top of them.All my sis could find was this one and it said it was clear on the package..but came out somewhat foggy. I think it worked anyway.LOL We put a skirt around the table and ta da!! It works!!:)
Here is the card I made for my Mama.:) I used Lilybelles Hearts kit for it.I LOVE the way it turned out.:) I prolly should have put the next picture first..but think you can figure it out.LOL For the inside..I printed out a lovely poem I had found and pasted.:)

Here's the front of the card. I cut part of the top away between the letters..but left some so it could open and close.Punched a couple of holes for the ribbons at the top and then cut out another heart and pasted it with one of those mounting dots that make stuff look 3D right over the other one by Mama's left hand. I did the same with the flower in the upper left corner. I think someone dripped water on the card just a tiny bit..right at the middle of the "M" on the left.They just HAD to get their mark on it too.hehe Mama loved it! Thank you soo much Lilybelle for sharing your beautiful designs with us.:) If you would like to see the wonderful designs that Lilybelle does..she is in my sidebar..just click on it and away you go............................>>>

Thanks for looking!! Now to find time to make some pages of the party..anyone have some extra time I can borrow?LOL


LilyBelle said...

Oh my Valinda ... This post makes for wonderful, happy reading. Your Mum looks super and so does the card you made. The theme for the cake and table decorations couldn't be better - it all looks so well done. Wish your mother a belated Happy 80th for me. Tell her I said she looks much younger at 80 than I do at 70. Valinda, I hope I've told you before but I'll say it again - you're one of the few visitors to my blog who NEVER fails to leave a comment and I appreciate this VERY much.
Hugs for both you and your Mum!

Mrs. Miles said...

Your Mama looks AMAZING!!! Wow - I hope I look so good at her age. What a tremendous amount of work and how fabulous it all looks! What an honour! Your photos are just lovely!!!

I can't wait to chat to you.

Oh by the way, if your guests don't know this, if they CLICK ON YOUR PHOTOS it makes them MUCH MUCH BIGGER!!!

They are worth seeing bigger LOL!

Love you, my friend!

~ Barb

Judgirl said...

your mom looks so good . Love the card you made her the family spoiled her rotten with loads and loads of love ..way to go girl


smiekeltje said...

She is looking GOOD your mom! Never give her 80! Great theme for the party! I don;t come by too often, but ever now and then I pop in, never forget about you! I know it is hard to do the blog every day and making the freebies. You are right to give your time to other things, and they are more important. Have a great day and a BIG hug! Kyra

*(¯`·.*S*.·´¯)* said...

hello Ms Valinda, its a little belated but I just wanted to wish your mother a very Happy Birthday, she looks wonderful and very happy.

thanks for sharing this special day with us.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!!!!!
AWESOME pics!!!!!!!!!!
Your DM sure was having a ball!!!!!!!
LOVE the card you made!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!
Not feeling to great I'm coming down with a sinus infection!!!!!!!!

GSCreations said...

Hi there, popped over to wish you a blessed easter weekend. WOW CANT BELIEVE your mom is 80!!! She looks amazing, and the card you made her is JUST STUNNING, I think the look on your mom's face says it all, she just loved it!!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Whata fantastic cake and what a clever idea for a theme!! You all did such a great job your Mum must have been delighted.
I adore the card you made it, the cutout around the letters works brilliantly and helped make for a truly beautiful card. Great job!!
Your Mum is she really 80?