Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Shanty Festival

Jim,Christy, and I went to the Big Shanty Festival in town yesterday afternoon.It is a weekend event they have in the main part of town.They block off the main street and have all kinds of stands where crafters and painters display and sell their home made items. There are all kinds of vendors and such a variety of places to get something to eat. We got a corndog from the top right vendor in this top photo. The middle right pic is the railroad track that runs right through the event. The event is from north to south..east to west taking up the main part of town. There were a lot of people who showed up for it too!!:) The bottom right pic in the photos above is a vendor who sold chairs that hang from your porch. Very unusual..if you ask me.LOL The bottom right pic on the above photos is the back of a van that has been made to display monitors etc for guitar hero or rock band..not sure which..but it was pretty cool!!hehe If you click on the will take you to another screen where they are enlarged.

A stage was set up behind the train depot and all the local dance studios had their students come give us a show.They did really fantastic!:)

Got any old license plates? Look at these bird houses. Bet no rain gets in them.hehe
Even our local..well..from Atlanta, country radio station came out to advertise the event.

Any piggy collectors out there? I have a few ..but some of you would prolly LOVE this place.LOL Look at that old shack! I didn't try anything from there...would you?hehe

I loved these doggies. The craftsman did a fantastic job on them all.Christy pointed out the sign ..after I had only looked at his work.How clever.LOL

We had thunderstorms and tornado warnings yesterday evening.Robby and his family came over for the night.Liz(DIL) and her sister are spending the day with me today ..then Robby will come back to our house this afternoon when he gets off of work. Then this evening we will have another bible study with the family. I LOVE how the Lord is teaching us and how our faith is growing more and more every day. He is AMAZING!!:)

Thanks for looking.Now to soak my feet.LOL



Judgirl said...

looks like a wonderful time ...darn and I am not there. You are so luck a family bible study ...sounds so awesome. The Lord is blessing you ...with love and family. Say a prayer for us and you are in my prayers .....have a great week ..


Mrs. Miles said...

Wow Valinda, this looks like HUGE fun. Oh, I would have spent FAR too much money here haha. I would have made you freeze my wallet and credit cards on me.

Great pics! Its sure amazing what some people can think up, isn't it? I recently saw a bird feeder made from Folgers coffee containers on a pole?