Monday, April 27, 2009

Taking some time off.:)

Hello my friends:)
I wanted to let you know that I am gonna be taking some time away from my blog.I don't know how long it will be.It's a really good thing though.
I will tell you more about it at a later time.:)

God bless you all!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Valjs Musical Note QP

Surprise..Surprise!! I had a few minutes to play and since Jim (DH) has been involved with learning the piano the last few weeks..I thought I would make another music QP. Hope you like it!! :)

Jim is off of work today and so far all the stuff on our list of things to do ..must have disappearing ink..cause I don't see a thing being accomplished... yet.LOL I have hopes though..cause it's early yet!!:)

Hope you have a fantastic day and you could really make mine fantastic if you would stop in the comment section to say Hi.:)

I went back to 4shared cause I got tired of the pop ups on Mediafire.:)

Here's the link:
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  • Monday, April 20, 2009

    Big Shanty Festival

    Jim,Christy, and I went to the Big Shanty Festival in town yesterday afternoon.It is a weekend event they have in the main part of town.They block off the main street and have all kinds of stands where crafters and painters display and sell their home made items. There are all kinds of vendors and such a variety of places to get something to eat. We got a corndog from the top right vendor in this top photo. The middle right pic is the railroad track that runs right through the event. The event is from north to south..east to west taking up the main part of town. There were a lot of people who showed up for it too!!:) The bottom right pic in the photos above is a vendor who sold chairs that hang from your porch. Very unusual..if you ask me.LOL The bottom right pic on the above photos is the back of a van that has been made to display monitors etc for guitar hero or rock band..not sure which..but it was pretty cool!!hehe If you click on the will take you to another screen where they are enlarged.

    A stage was set up behind the train depot and all the local dance studios had their students come give us a show.They did really fantastic!:)

    Got any old license plates? Look at these bird houses. Bet no rain gets in them.hehe
    Even our local..well..from Atlanta, country radio station came out to advertise the event.

    Any piggy collectors out there? I have a few ..but some of you would prolly LOVE this place.LOL Look at that old shack! I didn't try anything from there...would you?hehe

    I loved these doggies. The craftsman did a fantastic job on them all.Christy pointed out the sign ..after I had only looked at his work.How clever.LOL

    We had thunderstorms and tornado warnings yesterday evening.Robby and his family came over for the night.Liz(DIL) and her sister are spending the day with me today ..then Robby will come back to our house this afternoon when he gets off of work. Then this evening we will have another bible study with the family. I LOVE how the Lord is teaching us and how our faith is growing more and more every day. He is AMAZING!!:)

    Thanks for looking.Now to soak my feet.LOL


    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Some Easter Pics

    Here are the Easter baskets for our granddaughters.Don't you just love that monkey bunny in the center?LOL What will they think of next?:)

    We had an Easter egg hunt in the livingroom cause the girls were being bothered by bees outside. All they had to do is see one.LOL This is Carrie and Lexi.

    Jimmy (DS) got the girls some of the cutest furry chicks and when you set them in the palm of your hand..they actually chirp.Soo cute!! This is our youngest granddaughter,Destiny with Jim.(who has decided to grow his beard back) hehe Can you tell he really LOVES this shirt?? I think he is wearing it in all the pics I have of the holidays. Do you have a favorite clothing item you like to wear and it's almost worn out?

    Here's our Easter dinner. Well..not all of it but this is a great start! I LOVE a good hamburger and there is nothing like a hot dog cooked on the grill.!!:) We had the whole immediate family plus Liz's sister and my Mom over for Easter dinner.Robby and his family brought side dishes..Mom brought dessert...a beautiful and yummy cream cake.mmm.:) We had potato salad..maccaroni salad..baked beans..and all the hamburger trimmings and relish for the hot dogs etc. and an array of chips.We started our morning with a bible honor the Lord and the great gift he has given us.The true meaning of Easter.:)

    This is Christy's(DD) cat Meowse.She is on my keyboard wondering what that chick is doing on her stomping grounds.LOL That's my keyboard in the dining room.I keep a towel over it to keep the grease from the kitchen off of it. Jim is trying to learn to play it.He wants to learn how to play it with the a regular piano.I use the easy play options and have a blast.LOL
    I hope you all had a great Easter and I would love to hear/read what you did and how you were blessed.:)
    Thanks for looking!


    Thursday, April 09, 2009

    Have a blessed Easter!!

    Love and hugs,

    Monday, April 06, 2009

    Some pics to share:)

    This is my Mama..cutting her cake at her second 80th birthday party.We had one already as a family...and this one is with family and friends.We had it at the clubhouse of her mobile home park. It was a really nice size room and we had close to forty people show up.YAY! Course..over half of that was family.hehe My in the background. I decorated the cake table.Not the cake though..a friend of ours..who I taught how to decorate cakes made this one.Whew! there was sooo much left over!!!! We got to bring what was left home with us..cause..nobody else wanted to be tempted.hehe

    Here's a close up of the table and the cake. The cake is a song book with musical notes.Didn't she do a great job! Thanks Mindy!!:) My brother wanted this party to be 1920's and 30's cause Mom was born April 15,1929. When jazz was very popular.:) So we decided to go with a musical theme...along with actors and actresses who were popular during that time. I made 4x6 photo's of the most popular ones and placed them around the cake along with some musical notes I had printed and cut out..then placed some sheet music..and some pics of keyboards around.I had wanted a clear plastic table cloth to go over the top of them.All my sis could find was this one and it said it was clear on the package..but came out somewhat foggy. I think it worked anyway.LOL We put a skirt around the table and ta da!! It works!!:)
    Here is the card I made for my Mama.:) I used Lilybelles Hearts kit for it.I LOVE the way it turned out.:) I prolly should have put the next picture first..but think you can figure it out.LOL For the inside..I printed out a lovely poem I had found and pasted.:)

    Here's the front of the card. I cut part of the top away between the letters..but left some so it could open and close.Punched a couple of holes for the ribbons at the top and then cut out another heart and pasted it with one of those mounting dots that make stuff look 3D right over the other one by Mama's left hand. I did the same with the flower in the upper left corner. I think someone dripped water on the card just a tiny bit..right at the middle of the "M" on the left.They just HAD to get their mark on it too.hehe Mama loved it! Thank you soo much Lilybelle for sharing your beautiful designs with us.:) If you would like to see the wonderful designs that Lilybelle does..she is in my sidebar..just click on it and away you go............................>>>

    Thanks for looking!! Now to find time to make some pages of the party..anyone have some extra time I can borrow?LOL

    Friday, April 03, 2009

    Valjs QP 4-3-09

    I thought I would share another QP with those of you who may want it.I tried out a new paper and came up with this one. Click on the pic for a closer view.:) It's a bit different..but not too different..I hope.:) Please let me know what you think.

    I want to thank all of you who have come to visit me and leave such wonderful comments for me.I really do appreciate your taking the time to do that.:)

    I have been really busy lately just keeping up with the family and things that are needing to be done around the house and as summer gets closer..I have a feeling it's gonna demand more and more of my time. I know I have already slowed way down on my freebies..I just don't have the time to keep up with them like I use to.For that I am sorry. I am soo full of life and it's goings the moment...that I am finding it increasingly more difficult to continue as I have in the past...on a daily basis. I am thinking of maybe once a week from now on...and maybe even longer depending on what's happening in my life. I hope you understand ..I will visit your blogs as I am able to get the time needed.:)

    Here is the link:

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