Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some layouts:)

Here is a really cute QP I found as a freebie at
  • angelflightscrap
  • This is Christy's( DD) cat ..Meowse.She loves to lay on her back.Lots of times I will be walking through the house and she is just like this ..or asleep..just like this.hehe.:)
    This is a beautiful layout I received as a freebie from
  • Pam Lefor
  • .She has such gorgeous designs and she has freebies I have collected through the last two years and am never disappointed in any of them!! I am amazed at her talent!
    Meowse was peeking through the bannister rails as I was coming up the stairs in the bigger pic..then she was on her back the bottom pic. I don't think much bothers her..hehe
    She is a funny cat.She will ask us to use the ice crusher on the refrigerator.Sometimes I can be cooking (the stove is close to the refrigerator) and she will meow and try to get my she is stretched upon her back legs towards the ice crusher.If I don't get to it soon enough..she reaches over and taps my hand...then meows.LOL So..we get her a small piece of ice..put it on the floor..and she runs and places herself in a crouching position to get ready to catch the ice cube as we kick it towards her.She will slap it back at us or catch it.Jim has asked several she can be so fast.LOL

    Another cute thing she does..that can sometimes be will wait until we are ready to go to bed..and then take off to our room and hide under the bed. She can be fast asleep at the top of the stairs and if I head towards the bedroom late in the evening..she jumps up and runs in there.hehe Then I tell Jim..she did it again..and he will go to the kitchen..get a piece of know the rest.LOL She never fails to run out there to play one last time.In the meantime..Jim yells "Valinda..shut the door"hehe Which I do immediately!! Christy has a tiny Christmas bell she has attached to Meowse's collar so she will know where she is ..and it tinkles as she runs and plays and since she stays awake into the night..we don't allow her in our room while we are trying to sleep.I am too light of a sleeper I can hear her running around in our bathroom chasing things.That is why she is kept outside our bedroom ..but only during the night..while we are trying to sleep.:) I get up in the morning and she is alseep right outside our door.Isn't that sweet?:) Christy's not her cat's mine.hehe

    Oh..I want to tell you one more thing about her.The other day..Jim and I shaved Freedom..our dog.When we got done..Freedom walked out into the dining room and you would have laughed soo hard.I did..cause Meowse's hair stood on end all the way from her neck to the end of her tail...she didn't recognize Freedom for a few minutes..and Freedom just went on like there was nothing to be upset about.LOL Soo funny!

    I used my Happy Birthday Qp for this layout of Carrie.I finally got a pic of her without her making a face at the camera!!! YAY!! :)

    Thanks for looking and if you would like to comment..please feel free.:)


    Mrs. Miles said...

    Ohhhh Puddy is FUNNY! I can see who OWNS and RUNS the whole house and its owners too. Haha. Cats are SO much smarter than we give them credit for. You were sure handy with the camera!

    Love ALL the layouts - and your Carrie must be tickled with this one - so fun and funky!

    Your friend is a talented designer - very pretty pages!

    Talking at you now! FINALLY hay?

    ♥ Barb

    Jazzy said...

    Hehehe I loved your kitty stories..Cats really are smart thats for sure. I inherited my cat from my daughter also about 10 years ago..he stayed in and out but on the nights when one certain nurse worked, he was always at the door waiting on her..she spoiled him and when she sat down he was in her lap..she would prop her books on him..or write her nurses notes with the notebook on him..he was funny..Josh my grandson got a white rat..his name was Tiny and he was trained, Yep he was, but whenever he got out he always headed for my room..I guess because he knew I didn't like him..LOL one night Josh couldn't find him and I was afraid Floyd might have decided to eat Tiny but Josh looked under MY bed and there they were just sitting there together like old friends...I have pictures of strange.. Love your layouts..pretty QP's..didn't mean to come and write a book LOL..take care

    smiekeltje said...

    Cats do have their own behaviour, each one of them different! Abd they can be funny! Or sometimes VERY annoying LOL.
    The blog you mentioned, Angelfilght. does have always very beautiful QP's!
    Have a great day,

    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Morning Val!!!!!!!!!!
    TYFS your AWESOME LOs from the QPs!!!!!!!!
    I just found the Angels blog last week & DL a bunch of her MARVELOUS QPs!!!!!!!!! LOL
    Not much going on here still busy unzipping!!!!! LOL
    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Judgirl said...

    sorry I have not been around much...I love the layouts ..and the pictures awesome ...well have a great weekend ...

    hugs and lots of smiles

    Kim B said...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Valinda that sounds like OUR house too! Roxy my kitty waits till she hears me get up and go to the bathroom to go to bed- runs down the passage and pounces on the bed! If Wayne is sleeping already he dies of a heart attack! lol
    I make sure she has a HUGE bell too or I get little feathery presents in the morning ( or ones zooming over my head!!) lol
    so can SO relate to your storys!
    Thanks for the giggle this morning!
    Hope you have a stunning weekend


    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Good morning Val!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm off to babysit Kayla in a 1 1/2hrs & hope to get a few pics!!!!!! LOL
    I finally managed to unzipp ALL the goodies I got from you yesterday!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    I also got a new LO up using a kit I WON!!!!!!!!!!
    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!