Monday, March 02, 2009

A Portrait of Katlyn-My Great Niece

I just LOVE the way this photo turned out and I wanted to show it to you.This isn't the original photo.In the original photo..Katlyn was leaning on my coffee table ...on her elbows..her head in her hands...watching cartoons. I cropped her out of the photo and the photo still had items in it that were showing around her. Half of a floral arrangement..a small bowl she had that I had put apple chunks in for her...and a couple of other things that distracted from her being the center of focus. I added a mask to her photo..then chose a background color to match the mask. This adorable photo is the results and I am very pleased with it...even if I do say so myself.LOL There's no mistaking who is the center of focus now..right? My sister is in for a surprise ..cause I printed out an 8x10 photo for her. This is her granddaughter...and such a beautiful subject for my layouts! :)


Judgirl said...

wow should be very proud that is an awesome photo ..way to go girl. Your sister will love it. Could teach me how to take pictures did such an awesome job. Have a great week Val.


Anonymous said...

You should indeed be very pleased...that photo of that Darling Cutie is awesome.....

Angels Digi Scraps said...

Hiya Valinda!
I'm sorry I'm late getting back to you, but I have been extremely busy and there's never enough time in a day for me anymore. Lillie says Hi and she's ready to come stay with you, ROTF. LOL. What a cutie you have there for a great-niece! Great Job on the photo and cropping. Woo Hoo! I hope you had a great weekend and wonderful week to come.

Judy said...

That photo is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! who needs to go out and pay exorbitant prices for a photo shoot when you can capture somenthing like that.
Congratulations on doing an AWESOME job. Your sister is going to LOVE it.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!!!!!
We sure got a good dose of snow yesterday & the freezing cold too!!!!!!!! LOL
LOVE the photo & what you've done to it!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still unzipping!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

She is SO darling. She just posed PERFECTLY for you - don`t you love when this happens...

What a beautiful gift to your sister, she`s sure to treasure it.

Bloggers being a baddie today, even my keyboard does not want to cooperate... I`ll have to reboot as its making SYMBOLS instead of well, the symbols i want... its just messing me up. I can`t type a question mark etc... LOl

anyways, I`ll hang with you later friend... ok you SEE that... the `in I`ll... its BACKWARDS... once in a while that happens and I don`t know what does that. Does your brainy Jim know what I happen to press on the computer to make that happen - hmmm

Angels Digi Scraps said...

Tag your it!! Come check it out on my blog! LOL.