Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More thrift store finds and a finished brag book.:)

Here are some of my most recent Thrift store finds. A beautiful vase for only $1.50.I left the tag on for the pic.:) I LOVE carousel horses and this one is soo pretty.It has a wind up on the bottom and plays..."To Dream The Impossible Dream".I got it for $3.13. Can you believe that.I collect jewelry boxes this was a real treasure for me.:) Please excuse the floral arrangement in the background.LOL

This is a small shelf I got from the thrift store and I was intrigued by the way it folded flat...and when opened it is a pretty shelf for small treasures...see below...:) I got two at $1.51 a piece. I'm not cheap..just frugal.LOL

This small shelf measures 7 1/2 inches tall and 6 inches wide...Just right for some beautiful candles or a favorite what not..knick knack whatever you call them.LOL

This is the cover of a brag book I just finished. This is of my granddaughters.I had given a similar different colors to my DIL for Christmas and just remembered..I hadn't made one for myself.I must admit ..mine went faster ..cause all I had to do was reprint the pages I had already made.hehe.I decorated the cover with some dollar items I had gotten from Michaels. The book itself came from the Dollar Tree...Frugal again.LOL

Thanks for looking!!:)


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Wow!! You did well!! Loads of bargains!! It just shows what we can find if we just look...and it's also green!! They preach recycling and this is it at it's best.It's a win - win situation.

Kim B said...

OH MY GOSH- I LOVE LOVE that carousel horse! DANG girl, that's a AWESOME find- love all your other goodies- but that horse has my mouth watering! lol- it's beautiful.
And on beautiful- WOW, your mother looks FANTASTIC!! Where ever she found that fountain of youth- please tell her to share it with us-lol

Just popped in to say a big thank you for all the wonderful comments and for your kind words about my sis ;-)
Sending huge hugs

GSCreations said...

Just popping over to say thanks for your warm words as well, really appreciated!! My sis is so special! Her QP she made for the kit is just stunning and am so pleased you like it!

Love your brag book cover - its awesome!!

take care

Angels Digi Scraps said...

HI Valinda,
I love that shelf!! I wish I had a bunch of shelves on my walls. I just can't seem to find the right ones and I'm really trying to work on the whole home decor theme. Ugh, what a mess. LOL. Great deals and finds! I have an award on my blog for you! Because you have always been there to encourage my designing since I started and have stayed a faithful reader through it all. Thanks so much Val!

Judgirl said...

wow what finds day we all shouold get together and go yard

have a great day


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!!!!!
Just poppin into let you some LOVIN!!!!!!!!
Trying to play catchup today since I lost my internet connection yesterday morning & got it back up this morning!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE the shelf & BB!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Well... hehehheheehe we better not ever get together Valinda, we would be DANGER! Our husbands would put a stop to that I bet. I think I used to have one of those carosel horses, I got it for holding a Watkins party!

The little shelf is ADORABLE - and your brag book is SMASHING!!!

I am so sorry I missed you today - I was out and about meself! *wink* Went 'across the line' shopping for cheese.

hugs, Barbs