Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I've been tagged..this looks like fun!!:)

I was tagged today by my dear friend ..Jennifer Rassi...(
  • angelsdigiscrap
  • )..I love leaving comments for her in the mornings..cause I feel like the boss on Charlie's Angels..."Good Morning Angel"...today your mission is.....tag some scrappers.LOL

    Okay..on to the mission. I was given the assignment to go to the sixth folder in my sixth EHD..JK.LOL No... really ..my sixth picture folder and pick out the sixth pic in that folder..and this is the one.

    This is a few years back when Jim was in the process of making a pond in the back yard.He came across some pretty big rocks in the process and this is the way he was moving one of them.With a lever and a rope.Shortly before doing this...Jim had rented a bob cat or something..can't remember what it was called...to level the ground out.We didn't have much of a back yard at the time because of the hill.He grated and moved rocks and finally we have a really nice..and level back yard.:) It was a LOT of hard work..but well worth the effort.He is still contemplating the pond.hehe..Right now it is a run off for the water to drain across the back part of the yard and down the hill to the side of the yard when it rains.He dug a small ditch across the back of the yard and worked it into the landscape.We just need some gravel to fill the little ditch and it will look like a dry creek.:) The water use to come right into our back yard and would fill it up..big time...and now we don't have that problem any more.YAY!!:)

    Look at that Red Georgia clay!! Too bad Christy can't use that to make her dolls.LOL

    Now I need to go to the sixth blog and go to the sixth comment....etc..hehe..Just kidding..I will try to pass this on to some of my friends..this was fun! Thanks Jennifer!!:)


    Olivia said...

    OMGosh... Jim looks just so "Jim-like" ROTFL... just like I imagined. He's the good dad/grampa look and looks happy in the dirt... and building and all that.

    I hope you gave him a good old neck massage after all that hard work *wink*

    Thx for sharing!

    ♥ Barb

    Angels Digi Scraps said...

    ROTF Hey Boss! LOL. It's Angel! :) I thought I'd come by and see if you posted it or not. I'm glad that it was fun and that you enjoyed the tag! I thought is was something different and interesting. Well I'll be waiting for your morning message Good Morning Angel! LOL. Take care and chat with ya soon.