Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nominated for an Award.:)

I was surprised with a couple new awards this week. These come to me from Nore at
  • Noresnice-ities
  • .How sweet ! I am soo honored to receive these and thank you soo much for the wonderful nomination. How sweet!

    Please take a minute to pop over to Nore's blog and take a peek at all her wonderful designs etc that she is sharing with us.:) Please be sure to leave her a comment so she will feel the luv!!:)


    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    More layouts.:) I'm on a roll!!! LOL

    This is one of the gorgeous QP's I have been collecting from
  • Pam Lefor
  • the last two years . This one and the following ones are from her designs. Thank you so much Pam for offering such fantastic work to us.:) This is a pic of Christy (DD).I just love it when she smiles.:)

    This is a pic of Christy at her bday party at Golden Corral.She was goofing off with Melisa..Robby's wife's sister...at the dinner table.They were making faces at each other and Christy had gotten some food on her wrapping paper and was pretending to lick it off.hehe..she must have felt good that evening.LOL I'm glad she was having a good time.:) I didn't have any journaling on the page cause it goes with another one beside it in my album.

    This is a pic of my Niece,Nicole and her boyfriend,Troy.Don't they make an attractive couple?:) I love this QP too.:)

    This is another pose of them together. I saw this QP and just HAD to use this pic in it.:) Thanks Pam!!:)

    Then..I came across this one and thought..OH..I HAVE to use that pic in this one instead..but...I loved them both..so kept both.LOL

    I grabbed this advertisment off of her blog and thought I would paste it here for all of you to see..incase you are interested.:)

    Hi all,
    Just a little note here. Starting Sunday, I will be offering a featured product of my choice for 50% off. It could be any item in my shoppe. Overlays, page kits, quick page albums, cluster...etc. Also starting Sunday, all my new personal use items will be 30% off for the first three days after being released. So, I am holding off releasing my new goods for a couple more days. You will find these items in the Specials section of my Shoppe.

    Pam ;)

    So..if you get a chance..maybe you can go check it out..I am sure you will find some wonderful goodies over there.:)

    Friday, March 27, 2009

    Garage Sale Junkie Layout :)

    This is another cool freebie QP from
  • angelflightscraps
  • .I just had to use it to display the many treasures my MIL and I found while thrift storing,garage sales,and flea marketing this past January when Jim and I went to Fla. to see his folks. These treasures were collected in just two of the days we were there.None of these were the ones I had collected.These are just hers.hehe. Since then my MIL has collected even more.She had to buy four small book cases in order to display her many treasures. Her favorite collections are the beautiful plates on the far left corner of the table.They are gorgeous animals and she looked the plates up online to see how much they are worth.She said they were over $30.00 a piece.She got them for $1.00 each. WOW!! She told me that shortly after we had come back home..they had gone to the flea market and it was towards the end of the day when she walked past a table and the man told her to go get her car and bring it around..and she could have as many of the items she wanted from that table cause he had to leave and didn't have time to pack them up.He was on a mission to get more.LOL I haven't seen what she collected yet..but I am most curious!!hehe
    I just had to use this QP when I saw it .Can you blame me?LOL Okay all you garage sale junkies...get out there and start collecting.I wanna see you beat this!!hehe

    Thanks for looking!! A comment would be most appreciated.I love your feedback.:)

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Some layouts:)

    Here is a really cute QP I found as a freebie at
  • angelflightscrap
  • This is Christy's( DD) cat ..Meowse.She loves to lay on her back.Lots of times I will be walking through the house and she is just like this ..or asleep..just like this.hehe.:)
    This is a beautiful layout I received as a freebie from
  • Pam Lefor
  • .She has such gorgeous designs and she has freebies I have collected through the last two years and am never disappointed in any of them!! I am amazed at her talent!
    Meowse was peeking through the bannister rails as I was coming up the stairs in the bigger pic..then she was on her back again..stretching..in the bottom pic. I don't think much bothers her..hehe
    She is a funny cat.She will ask us to use the ice crusher on the refrigerator.Sometimes I can be cooking (the stove is close to the refrigerator) and she will meow and try to get my attention..as she is stretched upon her back legs towards the ice crusher.If I don't get to it soon enough..she reaches over and taps my hand...then meows.LOL So..we get her a small piece of ice..put it on the floor..and she runs and places herself in a crouching position to get ready to catch the ice cube as we kick it towards her.She will slap it back at us or catch it.Jim has asked several times..how she can be so fast.LOL

    Another cute thing she does..that can sometimes be irritating..is..she will wait until we are ready to go to bed..and then take off to our room and hide under the bed. She can be fast asleep at the top of the stairs and if I head towards the bedroom late in the evening..she jumps up and runs in there.hehe Then I tell Jim..she did it again..and he will go to the kitchen..get a piece of ice..yeah..you know the rest.LOL She never fails to run out there to play one last time.In the meantime..Jim yells "Valinda..shut the door"hehe Which I do immediately!! Christy has a tiny Christmas bell she has attached to Meowse's collar so she will know where she is ..and it tinkles as she runs and plays and since she stays awake into the night..we don't allow her in our room while we are trying to sleep.I am too light of a sleeper ..plus I can hear her running around in our bathroom chasing things.That is why she is kept outside our bedroom ..but only during the night..while we are trying to sleep.:) I get up in the morning and she is alseep right outside our door.Isn't that sweet?:) Christy said..it's not her cat anymore..it's mine.hehe

    Oh..I want to tell you one more thing about her.The other day..Jim and I shaved Freedom..our dog.When we got done..Freedom walked out into the dining room and you would have laughed soo hard.I did..cause Meowse's hair stood on end all the way from her neck to the end of her tail...she didn't recognize Freedom for a few minutes..and Freedom just went on like there was nothing to be upset about.LOL Soo funny!

    I used my Happy Birthday Qp for this layout of Carrie.I finally got a pic of her without her making a face at the camera!!! YAY!! :)

    Thanks for looking and if you would like to comment..please feel free.:)

    Saturday, March 21, 2009

    Here is another of my favorite songs.I got up this morning with this one going through my mind..so thought I would share it with you.:)

    This is the first time I have heard this group of young ladies.They are so sweet.:)

    It's so true..until we give God first place.NOTHING matters.!!!!


    Friday, March 20, 2009

    I got another award:)

    I received an award from my dear friend Jennifer Rassi
  • Angelsdigiscrap
  • before my hard drive went kaput and I thought it was about time I posted it.:) I am soo honored to receive this from you,Jennifer!! How sweet!!:) Thank you !! I will try to pass it on as I get a chance.:)
    Please visit my friend and check out her wonderful designs...and leave some luv for her.:)

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Valjs QP 3-18-09

    Today is my oldest Granddaughter's Birthday.She is fourteen years old and if she would let me take pics of her..I would show you what she looks like now.hehe HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARRIE!! Hope you have a lot of fun and get lots of hugs from those who love you sooo much!!:)

    I thought I would share this QP with any of you who may like to have it.

    Here's the link:

  • dwnldlink

  • I played a bit with my paint program and decided to share this with you too. This QP can be used for boys or girls.:) I used some of my previous elements etc..cause I was in a hurry.hehe Hope you like it.! Click on pic for a closer look!

    Here's the link:
  • dwnldlink
  • Monday, March 16, 2009

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Not a virus..just bad hard drive.:)

    Jim told me I needed to get on here and let you all know that it wasn't a virus that destroyed my new hard drive..he said he is almost positive it was a bad drive that just happened give out on me. He is gonna see if we can get a new one from the HP company since it is still under warranty.In the meantime..he has installed one for me so I can use my puter!!YAY!:) THe puter hard drive was only a little over a month old...but he said they sometimes go bad that quickly.Sure am glad I didn't have time to fill it up.LOL

    Thanks for your comments and well wishes!!:)


    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Look at what I found at the thrift store!!:)

    I saw this on the shelf at Goodwill the other day and could not believe they only wanted $4.94 for it.Most of the time when you see these type of things there...it will be at least eight to ten dollars or more. Am I wierd??? Cause I LOVE IT!!:)
    I turned it so you can see the different sides of it.It is soo cool.... it even has spikey fin type designs on it. Soo much going on and even the back side is amazing.:)

    I knew exactly where I was gonna put it when I got home.On the back corner of my garden tub.!!! I haven't figured out if I am gonna put any flowers in it or not. I hate to take away from the design.LOL Have you ever seen anything like this before? I haven't..but then..I haven't been around like some of you have. I prolly need to get out more often..but then..it would be right back to the thrift stores.hehe

    Jim is taking me to get another hard drive this afternoon.Just the small one I told you about in the last post..but then I will be back in business hopefully by Monday.This weekend will be spent loading programs etc.We all know the drill.:) I know I have been leary to dwnld anything on Jim's puter.I sure don't want his to get messed up.:( That's what I am using now...(with his permission) while he is working today. :) He is soo sweet...just handed it over to me and said do whatever I want..cept don't click on any Ads etc . and DON'T use Internet Explorer for anything!! I have heard that even if you x out of the Ads..they can leave cookies etc on your puter.His suggestion is to use the task manager ..alt/delete to get rid of them.That way..they don't leave the cookies .He has read up on it and I am hoping what he has read is right.:) I had been using firefox and have Norton Anti Virus on the puter too.Jim asked me if I had used IE lately and I recall having to do that when some dwnlds wouldn't work with firefox.That should have been a warning sign to me then ..ya think?LOL Oh well..we live and hopefully learn.:) I got the stuff I wanted to dwnld though.LOL

    Thank you all so much for coming by and saying Hi:) I LOVE your visits..and please let me know what you think of the vase.:)


    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Hard Drive went Kaput!!:(

    Just stopping in to let you know...I think I got that virus everyone has been talking about.It totally wiped out my new hard drive. Jim tried to fix it and even tried to reformat it and no go..it won't repair. It was a 500 gbt. too.:( Fortunately ...I have been backing up most of my designs and dwnlds.YAY! Jim said he is gonna replace it with a smaller drive for me to just keep the system operations on and then I can keep the other things I want to save...on disks or external drives. I lost my recent bookmarks though.I hadn't thought of copying those but I do have the older ones on a disk.Can you tell this has happened to me before?LOL

    I am using Jim's puter now to post this...but wanted to let you know to be sure to back up your files and don't forget your bookmarks too.:)

    I will be around... just not as often.:)


    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    More thrift store finds and a finished brag book.:)

    Here are some of my most recent Thrift store finds. A beautiful vase for only $1.50.I left the tag on for the pic.:) I LOVE carousel horses and this one is soo pretty.It has a wind up on the bottom and plays..."To Dream The Impossible Dream".I got it for $3.13. Can you believe that.I collect jewelry boxes etc...so this was a real treasure for me.:) Please excuse the floral arrangement in the background.LOL

    This is a small shelf I got from the thrift store and I was intrigued by the way it folded flat...and when opened it is a pretty shelf for small treasures...see below...:) I got two at $1.51 a piece. I'm not cheap..just frugal.LOL

    This small shelf measures 7 1/2 inches tall and 6 inches wide...Just right for some beautiful candles or a favorite what not..knick knack whatever you call them.LOL

    This is the cover of a brag book I just finished. This is of my granddaughters.I had given a similar one..in different colors to my DIL for Christmas and just remembered..I hadn't made one for myself.I must admit ..mine went faster ..cause all I had to do was reprint the pages I had already made.hehe.I decorated the cover with some dollar items I had gotten from Michaels. The book itself came from the Dollar Tree...Frugal again.LOL

    Thanks for looking!!:)

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Mama's 80th Bday pics

    This is my Mama.She will be eighty years old on April 15th.
    Doesn't she look fantastic??:)

    Here's the pretty cake our friend ..Mindy made for the occasion.Isn't it soo pretty?:)

    I wanted to show you something....the candles are burning different colors.Look closely at the flames. The pic is dark ..cause we turned the lights out to do this part.:) Click on the preview for a closer look.!! :) I don't know if you have seen these kind of candles before..but this was a new experience for some of us..and we were really impressed.Doesn't take much.LOL

    Some of you know that my brother,his wife and their youngest son came up for a few days.They came to my sister's house on Sunday and got there around eleven.My sister had made plans to celebrate my Mom's eightieth birthday this weekend (Sunday) since we could have the whole family together for it.All her kids were there..My two older brothers...my baby sister and me.I am the third child.They say three times is charm.hehe JK.:) Anyway..the SURPRISE was successful.:) Mom had no idea all of us were gonna be there.She knew my brother was coming up..but had no idea this was going on behind her back.:) Especially this much in advance.My sister made meatball sandwiches and had individual packets of assorted chips in a big wicker basket.She also had veggies and dip and some little smokie sausages with cheese cubes on toothpicks to snack on.She got a big metal tub (like you use for dunking for apples) and filled it with assorted colas and surrounded them with crushed ice cubes. Cake and ice cream for dessert. Not one of us went home hungry.:) It was a lot of fun seeing the siblings all together again.:)
    We have been invited to go to Mom's this evening to finish off the meatballs.Yay! I don't have to cook!!!LOL

    Now to get out there and say Hi to some of you before you forget I exist.LOL I really have been soo busy lately.:)

    Friday, March 06, 2009

    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    Valjs QP 3-5-09

    I thought I would try something different.Hope you like it:) I know I haven't been passing out QP's like I use to and it does seem different ..not to do it as much..but I am a lot more relaxed and able to get things done around my house and in my family life that needed to get done. :) I don't think I will ever be caught up though.If I can just keep my head above water and continue to breathe..I will do fine.hehe

    I would like to thank all of you who have come by to see me and leave me such wonderful comments.I LOVE your visits and soo appreciate your taking the time to write to me.:)

    Here's the link:
  • dwnldlink
  • Tuesday, March 03, 2009

    I've been tagged..this looks like fun!!:)

    I was tagged today by my dear friend ..Jennifer Rassi...(
  • angelsdigiscrap
  • )..I love leaving comments for her in the mornings..cause I feel like the boss on Charlie's Angels..."Good Morning Angel"...today your mission is.....tag some scrappers.LOL

    Okay..on to the mission. I was given the assignment to go to the sixth folder in my sixth EHD..JK.LOL No... really ..my sixth picture folder and pick out the sixth pic in that folder..and this is the one.

    This is a few years back when Jim was in the process of making a pond in the back yard.He came across some pretty big rocks in the process and this is the way he was moving one of them.With a lever and a rope.Shortly before doing this...Jim had rented a bob cat or something..can't remember what it was called...to level the ground out.We didn't have much of a back yard at the time because of the hill.He grated and moved rocks and finally we have a really nice..and level back yard.:) It was a LOT of hard work..but well worth the effort.He is still contemplating the pond.hehe..Right now it is a run off for the water to drain across the back part of the yard and down the hill to the side of the yard when it rains.He dug a small ditch across the back of the yard and worked it into the landscape.We just need some gravel to fill the little ditch and it will look like a dry creek.:) The water use to come right into our back yard and would fill it up..big time...and now we don't have that problem any more.YAY!!:)

    Look at that Red Georgia clay!! Too bad Christy can't use that to make her dolls.LOL

    Now I need to go to the sixth blog and go to the sixth comment....etc..hehe..Just kidding..I will try to pass this on to some of my friends..this was fun! Thanks Jennifer!!:)

    Monday, March 02, 2009

    A Portrait of Katlyn-My Great Niece

    I just LOVE the way this photo turned out and I wanted to show it to you.This isn't the original photo.In the original photo..Katlyn was leaning on my coffee table ...on her elbows..her head in her hands...watching cartoons. I cropped her out of the photo and the photo still had items in it that were showing around her. Half of a floral arrangement..a small bowl she had that I had put apple chunks in for her...and a couple of other things that distracted from her being the center of focus. I added a mask to her photo..then chose a background color to match the mask. This adorable photo is the results and I am very pleased with it...even if I do say so myself.LOL There's no mistaking who is the center of focus now..right? My sister is in for a surprise ..cause I printed out an 8x10 photo for her. This is her granddaughter...and such a beautiful subject for my layouts! :)