Thursday, February 26, 2009

This award is given to bloggers who are
perceived to be 'real in who they are'

IF THE SHOE FITS is for people with


These wonderful awards were given to me by my dear friend,
  • Shirley
  • this morning.How sweet!! Thank you Shirley soo much for considering me when passing these on.:) I am soo honored to be given these and will try to fit some time in to pass them on as soon as possible.:)
    Please take a few minutes to go see Shirley and her collectables and beautiful sky pics.:)


    Mrs. Miles said...


    I love it when people I like and admire get awards! You're a good girl though and will probably actually DO what you are supposed to with it while I will hog mine all to myself.

    I'll be checking for you today!

    Judgirl said...

    wow ...all that love and girl you deserve it ....give yourself a hug and remember we all love and are thankful for you and your family ...have a wonderful day ...
    God Bless you and keep you always