Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Got Two More Awards Yesterday!!:)

I got two more awards yesterday from my friend
  • Helen
  • . Thank you sooo much Helen for choosing me as one of the recipients to receive these.How sweet! I am VERY honored...and feel all warm and fuzzy.:) Honestly..I am very touched.:)
    If I understand correctly ..I am suppose to choose ten blogs that I really love and then pass these on to them.Wow..how difficult will that be?? Cause I love them all!!! :)

    I really am pressed for time..so this is how I am gonna handle it. If you leave a comment for me..write your blog url in with your comment and grab these awards..they are from me.:) I will post your urls in tomorrows blog post...if I am able ..if not..it may be Thursday's post. Now..don't think you don't deserve these..cause you do.If you are a friend of mine..and you come to see me..I WANT you to have them.:) I wouldn't come to your blogs if I didn't love visiting you.!!

    I am at a stalemate with my designs.I only ever used 4shared for my dwnlds and now I am hearing from everyone that there may be computer virus's being passed on it.How sad.:( I think I have an account with "you send it" but that was an awful long time ago and I never used it.LOL I made a QP this morning and was uploading it to 4shared when I remembered the problem.Soooo I will have to find somewhere else to upload them....somewhere that doesn't have pop ups every time you go to it...and doesn't have nasty advertisments.Oh..and FREE!! LOL Any suggestions?


    smiekeltje said...

    Go to Mediafire and register for free. I like it very much and it is free.

    Mrs. Miles said...

    You deserve every award, my friend! Yayyyy!

    I will look into the upload places for you, I have a few I use myself.

    Hope you're having a happy day - I'll check to see if I can catch you!

    ♥ Barbs

    Judgirl said...

    another will deserved award girl ...and who better then YOU.
    A girl with a big loving heart for all. Who that other problem can be fixed ...Mrs Miles will have some answers to that download problem ...me I don't know anything about that ...but boy I won't want to lose the site you all used for all those awesome Qp and kits ...I would be lose ...

    well you have an awesome day ...and relax ....


    sweetheaven said...

    congrats on the awards
    here are a couple that some are using
    I don't know any thing about thses just know that other designers are using it over 4share.

    xashee's corner said...

    Guess what? heehee
    Stopping in to say, i have a couple of things on my blog for you! Two awards! i hope you play along! Please stop by and receive them! hehe
    Have an AWESOME evening! :)