Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good morning !! Well..it's morning here anyway.:)
I just thought I would pop back in just to say Hi and let you know I am doing fine.I have been trying to get my files transferred etc and trying out my paint program to see if it will work better now.I can actually open a 12"x12" page in Photo Impact ... and put a few elements on it too.hehe.
I definitely need to learn my Photoshop Elements 4 program Jim got for me a couple of years ago.:) It doesn't seem to have the same problem as PI does. The problem is..I am soo use to using PI now and it is sooo different using PSE4. It's like learning something all over again.KWIM? I am taking baby steps now. I have learned a few things on it already..but am not real comfortable with it yet.Plus..I now have Vista and am having to figure out where everything is...and that really slows me down too. I hope that saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" doesn't apply to me.LOL
Christy is off today and I will be running around with her.Guess I will have to put off learning the puter stuff until later.:)

Have a wonderful day and if I get a chance to make something for you..you can be sure I will share it.:)



Mrs. Miles said...

Its morning here too, haha!

Ohh I hope you do get the hang of PS - its simple dimple when you get to know how. I know you will be a whiz at it!

I hope you and Christy have a WONDERFUL time whizzing about together, wish I could join you... :)

♥ Barbs

Judgirl said...

well hope you and Christy don't hit to many thrift stores ..hehehe and if you do... you found great buys. Have a wonderful day ..anda great week.

hugs :)

Mrs. Miles said...

came to say good morning,
came to start your day,
'cause visiting your little bloggie,
is the BEST way to start my day.

♥ Barb

Beth Long said...

I've been putting off buying PS for too long now... I'm happy with my Paint Shop... but I really want to learn other programs as well. I've been dragging my heels cause of the same reason you have... 'learning something new all over again...' hee hee hee... I don't have Vista yet myself.... I'm scared to upgrade to that too!!! LOL! So I guess you're a daredevil, fearless, trailblazer!!! Woohoo!!!

I also wanted to say 'thanks' for leaving such a nice comment on MY little blog the other day... you are definitely a sweetie!!!

Hope you're having a great day!