Monday, February 02, 2009

Another Doggy layout:)

Have you ever had a moment when you shot a pic and it was just at the right moment? I took this pic at Jim's folks when we went down there in Jan. Buddy..and Shorty are really best of friends.This was them PLAYING..can you believe it???LOL I would hate to see Shorty serious..wouldn't you?(click on pic for a closer look at those teeth.) The smaller preview doesn't do the layout justice either.My copy isn't blurry like this shows. I made the frame a while back and hadn't been able to use it until now.
Jim's folks got Buddy..the cute one on the left before getting Shorty..(wonder how he got that name) hehe.He's cute too ..but not in this pic.LOL They got separate Doggy cages for them to sleep in at night in their bedroom.Buddy and Shorty cried for each other all night Jim's folks took one cage away and now the two friends can have a sleep over every night.:) I wanted to show you the pic and then decided I may as well add this layout to my Doggy album that I started a while back.You can see the different layouts I the archives...but go's a jungle in there.LOL

How many of you watched the Super Bowl? Jim and I don't usually watch football..but we do watch the Super Bowl. I usually root for the underdogs. I was shouting.."GO ..go..go"...just before that second touchdown that the Cardinals made.He was way out front of those guys!!LOL How exciting.!! Even if the other team was a fantastic effort on the Cardinals part.They didn't give the game away..that is for sure!:) Congratulations to the Stealers for winning six Super Bowls!! You had to fight for it!!!LOL

I had a really busy weekend.Christy was off all weekend.We went shopping and to lunch at Applebees on Saturday.She loves their Crispy Orance Chicken Bowl.Have you ever tried it? It's really has a little bite to it..with the spices ...but very good.I would get it too if it didn't contain so much sugar.It's served over rice pilaf or some kind of rice with steamed broccoli added to the bowl.mmm. I ended up getting their chicken fingers platter.Okay..I couldn't resist the honey mustard.:)
Sunday..Jim was off so I spent the day with him.:) We mostly lazed around the house all afternoon.Nobody felt like going anywhere and that was okay with me too.My foot was really hurting and now I know why..the weather.:) Jim said it's suppose to rain most of the day today. I will have to check the weather report though..sometimes they predict something and it never happens. Am I right?LOL We will know they are right when things begin to get wet.hehe

Well..that's pretty much my weekend.How was yours?:)



Judgirl said...

Sounds like a busy weekend and filled with loving family fun...have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Valinda :D
I was busy... many things to do, job, family, health but I´m here to say that I miss you! :D
I love the picture, so funny heheh
My weekend was great... traveled with my husband to the beach.
Have a wonderful week.
Hugs and Kisses

Sorry my poor english... one day I will writting better. ;)


Mrs. Miles said...

ROTFL - hahaha, these doggies look like I felt these past few days being sick. Poor Mr. Miles has had to put up with me chewing his face off haha. Not with real teeth, though, more with words. The man is a saint!

That really is an amazing photo - there must be a thousand captions for that one.

LOVE your new blog look! VERY tasteful - was it hard to do?

No superbowl here - just a supper-bowl haha. My Mr. is not a sports guy atall.

Have you ever heard of the book "let them eat flax" by Dr. Joe Schwartz? He says that studies show that moderate (no more than 4-5 cups a day) of coffee can help with Parkinson's Disease and also improve Diabetes type II by 30%. Here's a link to the study:

Mrs. Miles said...

seems cinnamon works too!

Burkhart Scrapzone said...

Hi Val!
Hope you are doing well - Happy February! Sorry haven't been on the computer much - been dealing with water heater and money issues! UGH, calgon take me away! LOL!
Thanks for your lovely visits!

SarahB said...

What a fun photo and layout! You did get the picture at just the right moment to make little Shorty (LOL) look ferocious! I have 2 little dogs who are inseparable too. :)

LouCeeCreations said...

Aww.. look at his teeth lol! looks like they are having a fine time playing.. I really love to see dogs have fun together.