Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valjs QP 1-18-09

I'm baaaack:) Thank you ALL sooo much for your prayers.!!! Jim and I were on a minutes notice last week.His Mom was possibly going to have to have a back operation and we were all set to travel to Florida to be with the family while it was being done. The news came in on Friday last week(Jim's Bday on the 9th)...and she had decided not to get the operation at this time..so since we were all set to go and arrangements had been made with Jim's store and his asst.manager had given her notice (she wants to stay at home) ..Jim said this was the best time to take his vacation..before he had to train someone else to be his asst.manager.This way he could relax ..knowing he had someone who knew what they were doing while he was gone.:) This wasn't the only prayer that was mentioned though.I have an unspoken one that I would love for you to pray for if you don't mind.:) I won't go into details here on my blog..but it has to do with his parents health issues.Thank you soo much for your support by praying for us.:)

I made this page Saturday night while resting.I had played some last week with some background papers and I really liked the way this one turned out.I made it from a picture of my white azalea bush in the front yard when it was in full bloom.:) Don't you just LOVE the colors?:) Be sure to click on the preview for a closer look.The small one doesn't do it justice.:)

Well..I need to do a lot to catch up from being gone last week..plus Christy wants to go to town and do some shopping when it warms up a little and I want to get as much done before we leave.I tell you...there's never a dull moment around here! Cept yesterday..I was sooo tired from the trip that I only did a load of laundry and cleaned the kitchen up...and I sat and watched TV most of the day..under my warm electric blanket.mmmm I was so comfy.:) I now know what they mean about needing a vacation after your vacation.hehe

Here's the link:
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    Mrs. Miles said...

    SO glad you are back, my friend.

    You KNOW I am praying for you. Its always difficult to look after (and out for) ones own parents. I've sure been made aware of this through my friends. I'm sure my day is coming for ours.

    What a very pretty page, I think this would be useful for both men and women, right? The background sort of makes me think of professional photographers dropsheets in the back, merely hints at something back there while not distracting from the subject.

    I hope you enjoy your time out shopping with Christy!

    ♥ Barb

    xashee's corner said...

    BEAUTIFUL qp!! Thank you so much for sharing your creative talent!! you are in my prayers, Val! HE knows your needs! hugs! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day! :D

    Judgirl said...

    Glad to see you back...the Lord is listening and will uphold your prayers and will give you that hug you need. Love the qp ...awesome background


    Anonymous said...

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    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Good morning Val!!!!!!!!!
    So GOOD to see you BACK!!!!!!!!!!
    Will keep the prayers going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TY so very much for this GORGEOUS QP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not much going on here still unzipping & filing DLs away!!!!!!! LOL
    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Suzi D said...

    This is beautiful. Thanks

    Tammy aka bunchie said...

    tyvm for the beautiful qp! Know you all are in my prayers! Hugs to you!

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Just came by to check and say hi. Miss you! Hope you're doing well. We had sun yesterday, back to not quite so gray today, windy and trying to snow, but hopeful for sun tomorrow!

    ♥ Barb