Monday, January 05, 2009

My Cookie Jar Collection-mostly:)

I thought I would show you a few more pretties I had collected from the thrift stores.:) These sit on the top of my kitchen cupboards. I just love looking at them.Isn't it weird that I have sugar diabetes and still have my cookie jar collection??:) Oh well..I can't reach up there anyway.Hehe
These pics start at the left side of my kitchen just right of the open window that looks out into the livingroom.We start with a pitcher that was given to me...then move onto the cookie jars.The first on the left is made to look like a coffee grinder.(cookies and coffee I guess).:) The next one is shaped like a mushroom and although you can't see it in the pic..there are mushrooms along the bottom of it too.
Then we move on to a rabbit cookie jar.This one was given to me as a gift from a friend as a thank you for letting them stay with us for a couple of weeks while looking for another place to live. It is soo cute.:) The cow and Pillsbury dough boy were Christmas gifts from several years back.

I just LOVE these Victorian looking ones.I got them at Goodwill for less than four dollars a piece and just HAD to have them.:)

I just HAD to add these two also.. especially since they said "Bakery" on them..because I had been a cake decorator for a grocery chain for seven years and a Bakery manger for two of those years.:)

These are the pretties I have to the right of them all and above my refrigerator. I also collect pitchers ..but not as many as the cookie jars.:) The middle one is an older one and is handed down to me from my Mom.It was hers from back when she had first gotten married.It is in a safe place..wouldn't you say?LOL The turkey one isn't a is a planter or can be used as a gravy bowl..or to sit on a shelf above the fridge.LOL The flowers are from the planter I showed in yesterday's pics.
I thought the wall looked bare behind all those pretties and had Jim help me put a wallpaper border just behind them.I LOVE the way it looks!!:)
I hope you get inspired to go to the thrift stores to see what lovely things you can collect for very little money.:) I can remember going to friends homes and seeing all the wonderful things they had.Their cupboards were full of dishes etc and I had just enough to get by.Then I discovered..the thrift stores.YAY!! I realized..that I could collect dishes that were perfectly good for pennies and all they needed was a good cleaning.I would get about six dollars a week to go spend at the thrift stores and would buy what I could with that.It took a little while to get my cupboards full of all kinds of dishes..cups ..etc. That was during our hard times raising the kids when only one of us could work cause of my bad ankle. It taught me a lot though.You don't have to spend lots of money to have nice things.:) Why pay twenty dollars for something you can get ..that looks just as nice and works just as well..for less than four dollars? KWIM? Thank the Lord times improved and we have been blessed tremendously...but I still hit the thrift stores and LOVE it!!:)



Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Valinda!

LOVE your new look - SOOOO sorry I've not been to visit in so long and you can (and I expect you to) spank me (ha, I can say that cuz this is a blog and you can't really get me LOL!)

Is it YOUR birthday, or your blog's birthday??? Did I mess up AGAIN... GAH!

Thank you for sharing all your cookie jars, and your thrift store buys. You know, your kitchen looks JUST like my MIL's, she has cookie jars up above her cupboards and thats actually one task we always end our holiday visit with... to help her take down her Christmas ones and put her others up top. I'll have to take a photo of hers sometime for you.

I don't have a top like that to put cookie jars atop, or I'm sure I would!

What the heck have I been doing not coming to see you, hay? What a BAD friend. Well, IF you forgive me I shall try my best to be your FIRST visitor every day!

I do love and treasure our friendship, V, and hope to redeem myself.


Gail said...

Your collection looks so cool! Mrs. Miles asked us to stop in to say "hello" and say Happy Birthday!

Betty said...

I´m here from Barb´s blog. Just wanted to say hi, and compliment you on your designs!
Have a nice day!

Judgirl said...

love the cookie jar collection...way to go girl. Wish I had room for collecting ..but livning in a fifht wheel ...there is not a I will just have to watch your collections. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

1998- Taz on Motorcycle Cookie Jar- Warner Bros