Monday, January 26, 2009

Computer issues.......again.:)

I thought I had better pop back in and let you all know I am having computer issues.My puter started acting up about the same time we did the Yahoo Messenger 9.0.I didn't put two and two together until I had Mom update hers day before yesterday cause I thought it was sooo cool to have the videos show up in the messenger window.She started getting the same kinds of problems I did.Computer freezing up and going soooo slow it was like trying to pour cold molasses out of a jar.I'm not kidding!!:( We aren't 100% sure that is the problem..but Jim uninstalled 9.0 and we went back to 8.0 just to see if that was the problem.I will let you know what we find out.I know I have read on some of your blogs that your puters have gotten slow lately.If you find the problem..please feel free to inform the rest of us.:)
Christy said she visits "My Space" blogs and ends up with a virus that takes her ten or more attempts to remove it before it finally goes away.
I won't tell you what I think of people who put virus's on the web sites.You probably know that already!!LOL
I know they say whatever doesn't kill you makes you I should be able to lift my house by now.hehe

Have a wonderful day!



Mrs. Miles said...

Well HHIIII there Valinda! Why its been so LONG since I talked to you! haha, JK!

So glad you got your computer all sorted out. Don't you just want to spank that thing sometimes? Hay, bet it could all be remedied with a hairpin - at least that used to work in the good old days, right?

Now you can go lift your house, don't forget to vacuum under there. haha!

smiekeltje said...

Sorry you have computer issues. It's sometimes horrible with all the updates from .e.g. messenger or yahoo (I don;t use yahoo) or other things and they are supposed to make life on computer better, but apparantly they don;t always! Could be the problem, this update of yahoo, hope it is just that. Then just stick to the older version for a while and be much happier. Hahaha.
And about getting stronger, it may be so in other things, but on computer things it only makes me nervous and very bad tempered. LOL.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!
Just a quick stop by!!!!
As I've the bug again!!!!!!!!
Hope that your computer is alright now!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

ROFL! Oh Valinda, you have me chuckling with that last sentence!!! If that be the truth, I suppose I could rightfully lift the White House! *BIG silly grin*

Sorry to hear about the computer issues sweetie - you surely know I am feeling for you!

I upgraded to Messenger 9.0 some time ago and didn't notice any issues with it. However, that might be because it's on my new computer. To be honest, I've been leery about upgrading anymore on the older one. :(

Well, anyhoo, I hope DH is able to get it all sorted for you.

Have a GORGEOUS weekend!

Linda :)