Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Layouts

I hope every one of you had a wonderful Christmas Day.:) We had a full couple of days.We went to Mom's for Christmas Eve and a get together for all of the family who were going to be going to their inlaws for Christmas.:) That way we could all celebrate it together and those who were leaving could give and receive their gifts before going.:)

I had read on one of the blogs..don't remember which..that some of you were having difficulty with the pages that have the frame in the window.hint hint.LOL Well..I wanted to show you what I had in mind for the page I made.The first one is my Mom on Christmas eve at her house and the second one is me..Christmas morning at our house.:) I got my George Foreman grill!!! and the twin size heating blanket I had asked for...cause I am tall and those lap ones will either cover me from the waist down or from the waist up.hehe I also received so many treasures from my loved ones ..and I don't have time to list them all..but am overwhelmed at the wonderful love that has been shown to me.:) Not just in the gifts but being with my family and laughing and kidding etc.It means soo much to me.!!:) I had to make snow on this page for us to have a white Christmas.LOL

I hate to rush..but we are having leftovers at Robby's tonight and I need to get ready to go.:)

Have a fantastic weekend!!