Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Bulbs for BB pages and Christmas Cards

I had a friend ask where she could get the Christmas Bulbs that I used on my blogger I thought I would bring them back to the blog for those of you who would like to have them. I know there are two of each color...but if you look closely.. you will see the six on the top are slightly darker than the six below. It's been too long ago for me to remember why I did that. These were made last year and I have slept since then.LOL Keep in mind that these were made before I started doing my pages 2400 x2400.These were done for the 1200x1200 (smaller).These will do great on your brag book pages and cards that you make.I actually used these on one of my recent brag book pages.Scroll down..:) Enjoy!

Oh..I haven't forgotten the awards that you sweet girls have given to me.I am just sooo busy right now trying to catch up on things. Thank you soo much for thinking of me.I am soo honored that you would add me to your list.!:)

Here is the link:

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