Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Valjs Winter BB Page

Here is another Winter BB page.LOL There are soo many of these out there right now..but just in case someone might like to have it..here it is.:)

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate it sooo much.:) You are most welcome!

Christy is off of work today and hasn't told me of any plans she may have that would involve me going with her.It's really cold this morning ..my feet feel like ice and I have socks on.Thick ones.LOL I still have Christmas shopping to do and hope if she wants to go she will wait until after lunch when it's a little warmer outside.:)

I got another award!! From Kyra..and as soon as I can figure out who to pass it on to..I will be sure to post it.:) Thank you soo much Kyra.I am honored to be your friend!:)

I babysat my Great Niece(Katlyn) yesterday.It's been a while since I have watched a two year old.Whew!Was I tired.LOL I'm thinking nap time is not so much for the little ones but more for the caretakers.LOL Jimmy helped me watch her and for that I am soo thankful. He is really good with kids.:) We had her from nine until after five...then I had to cook supper and eat and pass out.LOL She really is a sweet little girl.:) She got a burst of energy after her nap and it lasted until she left to go back home.hehe Needless to say..there is a lot to do today to catch up for what didn't get done yesterday.:)

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