Friday, November 28, 2008

Valjs Bountiful Blessings BB page

Here is another brag book page I made using the elements etc from a QP I had made last year.Hope you like it.I do need to credit my friend Jill (link in sidebar) for the gorgeous leaves she let me use for the page.Thank you Jill!!:)

I will be taking this weekend off from the blog cause I will have my hands full with decorating the house for Christmas.The only thing I acomplished today towards that end was to get the tree ready to decorate.Tomorrow will be a busy day for me.I have to take all of my pretties off of the shelves and replace them with Christmas pretties.:) The kids(grown and little hehe) are gonna help decorate the tree and put the lights up outside etc. My back is bothering me tonight and I hope a restful sleep will help it some.:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Here's the link:
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  • Valjs Turkey Time Layout

    Here is a layout I made to show the wonderful turkey my DIL made for dinner yesterday.It was soo moist the wings fell off of it.mmmmm:) I don't know about you but I ate way more than I needed yesterday.Soo glad we didn't have but the one meal.LOL We are invited back this evening to eat supper and help eat some of their wonderful cooking again and I can hardly wait!!:)

    I have so much to do today.I want to start decorating the house for Christmas.We usually do it Thanksgiving evening but this year has changed that. With the kids work schedules will be tomorrow before they are able to come decorate.I let my granddaughters decorate my Christmas tree with the bulbs...but we need to make sure the lights and garland are on it first.Now to locate the Christmas stuff in the garage and bring it upstairs.:) Where's Jimmy?LOL