Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Valjs Snowman BB Page

Here is another brag book page for us to add to our collection.Hope you like it! :)

Thank you ALL so much for taking the time to come to my blog to leave a message.How sweet!:) You are most welcome!

Christy is off from work today.She wants to go to Wal-mart again.hehe Oh..the last time I mentioned Wal-mart..I got spam in my comment section.I thought it was a comment and when I clicked on the ladie's name..it took me to a promotional page for Wal-mart.That's why..the dash between the letters.LOL

Jim is off tomorrow so I don't know when I will have another page ready for us. It depends on..if he feels like going anywhere or not.I need to make another appt. with the Dentist soon. Most Dentists make appointments well in advance...so I had better call them.I'm not sure if they are taking the Thanksgiving week off or not. I was kinda putting it off cause of the economy and the uncertainty..but Jim said to get them fixed.I have to make the appointment on his day off so he can take me.:) It's nice having my own chauffeur!hehe JK. He is such a support for me.I hate going to the Dentist.Mainly because I haven't always had pleasant experiences with them. Who has?? Right? It's like pulling teeth to get me there.LOL

Here is the link:
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