Saturday, November 15, 2008

Online Bible Study

This is a book that my Niece ..Shelley Hendrix wrote a little while back.It's titled.."On Purpose for a Purpose".It is about the life of Esther. Christy and I read it shortly after it was written and it was really interesting.Especially how Shelley compared circumstances in her life to what Esther was going through.

Shelley is starting an online bible study using this book..starting Nov. the 18th.I have never done an online I don't know how it will go..but if you are interested in trying it.I am sure you will be blessed.:)
  • Here
  • is the link where you can sign up in the comment section for the course. There's no mention that I can find of any cost..except to buy the book so you can follow along.:)

    Shelley..I hope you don't mind me grabbing all of this off of your blogs.:)

    Looking for a new book/Bible Study?

    In a pivotal point of her life, when Esther has been challenged to come to the aid of her people, Mordecai asks the key question, “…who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Together, we’ll observe how Esther was used by God in a very significant way as she came to realize that her losses, her life experiences, her family of origin, her beauty, her personality, and even her prosperity—everything about her was on purpose for a purpose. Mordecai found this same reality to be true in his life as well. His purpose was different, but equally significant. God is sovereignly involved in doing something amazing in each and every life and wants each one of us to embrace His perspective for our lives, the good and the bad, that we might boldly live this life we’ve been given—on purpose! You can order Shelley's book through her ministry website or on Amazon.
    Both of Shelleys blogs..her personal and ministry are in my sidebar.

    Here is a video I took from the "Atlanta Encounter" blog telling a little about Shelley.:)