Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Valjs Christmas Wreath BB Page

This is another Brag Book page I made from a previous QP. Hope you like it! I left some room for journaling.:)

Christy and I went shopping yesterday.We didn't get home until after four.Whew! was I tired.:) We did go to Big Lots and I got another 8x8 scrapbook.hehe.I couldn't resist.It was only four dollars!!! I also found a paper shredder for only twenty dollars!! That's a great price since those things have gone way up in price these days.My old one went kaput..and I have needed one for a while now.Maybe I can finally get rid of some of that junk mail!!YAY!:) Then we went to the Dollar tree and I found some really cute Christmas Ink stamps. I haven't checked them out yet to make sure they I can't tell you right now if you should run right down and get yourself some.LOL We stopped at Applebee's to get lunch.Christy LOVES their Crispy Orange Chicken.Have you tried it? It is really good. It had a little bit of a bite from the spice they used in it. I don't think it was pepper..but something like that..cause it left a zing on my tongue.:) After that we went to Walmart. We just don't seem to be able to go shopping without going to Walmart before coming home.We picked up a few groceries and odds and ends that were needed and headed home. Jim's truck was in the driveway and I couldn't believe Christy and I had spent so much time shopping.LOL

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