Friday, October 10, 2008

Missing links

I was taking some time to look back in my archives and checking to see which links aren't working.Here are three of them so far.There are several more and I will try to post the fixed links as I am able.The links in the post aren't fixed if you haven't been able to get these..the links to these three are in this post only.:) If you see a link that isn't working while browsing through the archives..please let me know ..On Blogger..not 4shared I can get it fixed right away.Every link should be working if it hasn't messed up in some way.I don't disable links unless I pull the post and previews.In other words..if you can't get's broke and needs to be fixed.:)

The pages and designs I made in the year 2007 and part way through 2008 are done in 1200x1200 dpi. They do just fine for an 8x8 layout. I have several hundred at that size..and they look great in my albums.:)

If you are are the links to these three.

  • Musical QP

  • Baby Album

  • Bowling QP 3
  • Christy and me at Ga.Aquarium

    Have you ever just been sitting there or walking through the house and an idea for a layout came to your mind? That happened to me.:) I just had to sit down and make it happen.hehe I have been wanting to do a layout with this pic of Christy and me. We were at the Georgia Aquarium and so tired we sat on a bench to rest.Christy held her camera up...facing us and took this pic.I love it! I was tired and sweaty and wearing my reading glasses so I could see to take pics with my own camera when she took it. I thought the idea of seeing the camera in the layout from someone looking through it was a cool idea. :) I am really happy with the way it turned out. I made the background pic of us a little transparent because I wanted the camera and pic inside to be the focal points. I did add a spot light to the background pic to represent the flash. Also..the pic itself was a little dark because the wall behind us was dark too.What do you think..and would you like to have your own camera?hmmmm???LOL

    Yes..I have funny looking teeth.LOL When I lost my second teeth from the middle as a child..they never grew back in. :( That made my third teeth over look pointy. Last month when I tried a new Dentist..she ground the points off of them just enough to make them look better.:) This pic is before all that. In the meantime..I am using a teeth whitening kit to get rid of the tea and coffee stains. I guess I will have great looking teeth one day if I have to get dentures.LOL