Thursday, October 09, 2008

Valjs QP 10-8-08

I thought I would take a few minutes and make another Qp for us. Hope you like it and can use it.:)

I have been busy reloading programs and transferring files since Jim reformatted my HD the other day.I was hoping things would speed up some for me..but so far I don't see a lot of difference..especially in my paint program.It's slower than slow sometimes and I think I am just gonna have to buckle down and learn PSE (which I have had for a year and a half) .LOL With PI ..I am in my comfort zone...and when I load up's all different...and I get frustrated that I can't make the simplest of things.I go back to PI when that happens.:) Photo Impact 11 has wonderful options but can't handle the larger files very well. It bogs down and you end up praying it doesn't freeze up in the middle of making your page.I have to save my designs often while making them. That is one of the reasons I have cut back on my designing. scanner is acting wierd.It's fairly new and I get little white spots on everything I scan and there isn't any dust on the screen.If I copy(not scan) does if there was dust on the screen..wouldn't that happen when I copied too? I'm puzzled.:( I am so far behind in everything right it may be a while longer before you get any more freebies from me.:) I will pop in from time to time with something for you ..but for now..I need to catch up or quit.LOL
How many of you have gone to Digitreats and collected the recipe cards? I did and have been printing out the ones I think I will use.There are over 300 of them and soo cute too.:) Scrappers got together and made recipe cards using their favorite recipes.How cool! So far I think the dump cake will be my favorite.I like the idea of just dumping stuff in a pan and cooking it.LOL The link is in my sidebar if you would like to go collect them too.:) You will have to scroll down some.
Not much more going on right now.I still have more things to do on my puter to get it back to where it was...hopefully without the problems.LOL

Here is the link:

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